Andrea Delogu: “Why can’t a woman have a younger boyfriend and a man yes?”

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Andrea Delogu doesn’t agree: “Why can’t a woman have a younger boyfriend, while no one says anything to a man?” This is the rhetorical question that the presenter, actress and radio announcer asks herself.
This is how she expressed herself during her last hosted at Sunday Inwhich took place yesterday (Sunday 19 February 2023).
He wanted to criticize those who consider it inappropriate if a woman attends a younger man, as in his case, while he doesn’t mind if a man does the same thing with a girl.
Presenter, actress and radio speaker, Delogu is engaged to a partner 17 years younger than her: Luigi Bruno, a 23-year-old photo model with whom she has been a couple since 2021, after divorcing Francesco Montanari.

In Mara Venier’s television living room she spoke directly about the criticisms received for her relationship with Luigi Bruno, words that annoy her to the point of overshadowing some of that happiness for the success she achieved with the PrimaFestival 2023 in San Remo.

Delogu opened up about her private life, talking about her wrecked marriage with the Roman actor Francesco Montanari, with whom she married in 2016. Things didn’t work out between the two: after breaking up twice, in 2021 they decided to separate. Just in that year, the presenter and actress met Luigi Bruno, a photo model who at the time was not well known in the entertainment world. “He leapt to the headlines of the gossip news precisely because of his relationship with Delogu”, reads a recent article published in the Republic.

On October 4, 2022, the rumors were confirmed by those directly involved, who chose social networks to make it official, so since last autumn Andrea Delogu has been a steady couple with Luigi Bruno on an official level. It was she who shared a post on Instagram in which she wrote the caption: “I just want to say thanks to this guy here, Luigi Bruno, who for more than a year has remained firm and steadfast in a whirlwind of messes, disasters, difficulties and trials of resistance. The bravest and most patient man who has ever decided to stay. Or to make people stay”. At the bottom of this article, you can look at Andrea Delogu’s IG post.

The story of Andrea Delogu

Perhaps not everyone knows that the presenter was born and raised in the community for drug addicts of San Patrignano, where she remained until she was 10 years old. In that community, her parents, Walter Delogu and Titti Peverelli, went to hospital in an attempt to free themselves from drug addiction. “I stayed in San Patrignano for up to ten years and I had a shock when I left there”, Andrea Delogu said in tears to Sunday In. “I had to learn to cross the street, to use money. I took to television as a family: when I was at home, that was the last connection I had with the community. I learned to speak Italian well from television programmes”.

Below you can look at Andrea Delogu’s post dated October 2022, the one with which he officially presented his better half.