Andrea Giambruno: “If you don’t get drunk, you avoid the wolf”. It’s controversy

The journalist’s words during the Diario del Giorno episode unleashed a hornet’s nest

There is controversy over Andrea Giambruno, a journalist for Rete 4 and companion of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. During the episode of Diario del Giorno (guest Pietro Senaldi), in which the recent cases of sexual violence that have shaken public opinion were addressed, such as those in Palermo and Caivano, Giambruno stated: “If you go dancing, you have you have every right to get drunk – there must be no kind of misunderstanding says Senaldi and no kind of stumbling block – but if you avoid getting drunk and passing out, maybe you also avoid running into certain problems and then you actually risk finding the wolf “. Words that have unleashed a hornet’s nest.

“Giambruno to women: in order not to be raped, avoid getting drunk, because there is ‘the risk that the wolf will find him’. Victim blaming in its purest state. Forget to tell men, the only culprits, to avoid raping. Repugnant , offensive, unfit to stay where he is,” he declares on social media Clare Gribaudovice president of the Democratic Party.

The senator of the Pd Sandra Zampa writes in a tweet: “We also lacked the prime minister’s husband to spew other nonsense about women. The assaults, violence and injustices they continually suffer are not enough. No, they must listen to Giambruno’s brilliant considerations. But enough! Don’t let us hear them more!”.

“Before Caivano, it must be hoped that Meloni will address the issue at home, explaining to Giambruno that blaming the victims of violence, especially on live TV, is a barbaric and perverse practice, which springs from the worst macho and patriarchal stereotypes “, He says Alexander Zandeputy and rights manager of the national secretariat of the Democratic Party.

“‘If you don’t get drunk you won’t find the wolf’. The terrible events of Palermo and Caivano give us back an alarming picture of the society to which we deliver our sons and daughters”, he writes Victoria Baldino, deputy group leader of the 5-star Movement in the Chamber, in a long post on Facebook in which he underlines, among other things, that “we need a cultural revolution that starts from families, from schools, with the introduction of an ad hoc discipline such as the education to affectivity, from information and from the mass media system where Giambruno thought will never have citizenship again”. “I hope that the management of Mediaset will immediately distance themselves from this disturbing statement. As for the president Meloni, if I were her, I would hasten to advise my partner to apologize because this message is not assimilated to the forma mentis of the family context of the woman who leads the country”, concludes Baldino.

For the Senator Raffaella Paitanational coordinator of Italia Viva, “the words of the journalist Andrea Giambruno are very serious. In his world, on the contrary, according to him, a girl has the right to be safe only if she doesn’t drink? A girl must give up dancing, leave the house, live, have a drink for fear of finding the wolf? Again with this disgusting story of ‘he asked for it’? A certain superficiality helps to transform the victim into a culprit. It is not tolerable”.

“So for Andrea Giambruno, Prime Minister Meloni’s companion, the fact that a girl can drink something in the disco automatically makes her become a sacrificial victim to suffer violence or be raped – he declares Carla Taibi, treasurer of +Europe – Normalizing the bestiality of boys on girls, blaming the latter for how they dress or for what they do, causes a problem for the culture of our country, clearing the worst behaviors against women”. “What one expects from an information service is the condemnation of the violence and to forcefully reaffirm that a relationship must be consensual. Women’s bodies are not available to anyone unless they decide to. What does the Order of Journalists do in the face of these outbursts lacking in respect and sensitivity?” concludes Taibi.