Andrea is about to enter the GF Vip: there is a former flame in the house!

Andrea is about to enter the GF Vip: there is a former flame of his in the house; what do we know about the new contestant of the Canale 5 reality show.

A crackling episode, that of GF Vip aired last Saturday night and, for fans of the show, there’s great news. The reality show will also be aired this evening, after only two days, with many twists and surprises. And some new entries…

Andrea Maestrelli (Credits Instagram) Mom universe

In the episode aired on Saturday night, two new competitors entered, but they won’t be the only ones. Already this evening two new Vipponi should enter the house, including the charming one Andrea Maestrelli. Footballer, currently free, the young Roman is ready to enter the Cinecittà house, where he will meet one of his former flames… What will happen when they meet? Let’s find out more about the new enry

GF Vip, Andrea is one of the new competitors: he had a flirtation with a vippona

Barring last-minute unforeseen events, Andrea Maestrelli should be a new official competitor of GF Vip 7. After the entry of Milena Miconi, Davide Donadei and Nicole Murgia (and the quick elimination of Riccardo Fogli), two new vipponi they would be ready to join the rest of the group. And, among these, there would also be Andrea Maestrelli. The young footballer, 24 years old, would be one of the cards that Alfonso Signorini will play during tonight’s episode: will the Vippone at home be impressed by his charm? One in particular will not remain indifferent to his entry…

It’s about Nicole Murgia, the actress (and sister of the footballer Alessandro Murgia) who entered the house of GF Vip on Saturday evening as the new official competitor of the reality show. According to what has emerged on the web, in fact, between the two there would have been a flirt during this summer. What will happen when they find themselves facing each other? We can’t wait to find out! It is not clear how the two broke up and if they remained on good terms, but we are sure that they will be able to talk about it inside the house of the GF Vip. In addition to Andrea, he will also enter the house Dana Saber, Italian-Moroccan model who does not go unnoticed for her charm. Will she breach the heart of some Vippone? We just have to wait for them to enter the house to get to know them better and find out how they will be welcomed into the house.

nicole murgia gf vip
Nicole Murgia (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Mother universe

Andrew’s family

Football, for Andrea Maestrelli, is more than a passion, as it is part of his family. His paternal grandfather was Tommaso Maestrelli, a former Lazio coach, with whom he won a Scudetto. And the Biancoceleste team was also coached by his maternal grandfather, Giuseppe Materazzi, father of Marco Materazzi. That’s right, the world champion with the Italian national team in 2006 is Andrea’s uncle.