Andrea Maggi Ambassador of the Zero Waste 2023 campaign

A writer and teacher in life, he is known to the general public as the Prof of Rai2’s ‘Collegio’

“Change is natural, rather than necessary. Changing for the better, however, is a must”. Word of the writer and teacher Andrea Maggi, for the general public the Prof of the ‘Collegio’ of Rai2. is he theAmbassador of Good Practices of the Zero Waste 2023 campaign and of the National Food Waste Prevention Day, as always on the calendar for February 5, this year at the finish line of its tenth edition.

Through his commitment Andrea Maggi will promote the values ​​of sustainable development and attention to reducing the environmental impact in everyday life, also in the name of future generations who will inhabit the planet. A goal that Andrea Maggi has long indicated as the main road through his dissemination of content, aimed above all at young people, conveyed in particular on social networks, where he has a following of over four hundred thousand followers on Instagram and more than half a million on TikTok.

Andrea Maggi will speak on Tuesday 31 January, at 3 pm on the zoom platform, at the launch of Sprecometro, the app that can be downloaded for free on the occasion of the tenth National Food Waste Prevention Day. On February 2, Andrea Maggi will be one of the protagonists of the official events of the food waste awareness day in Italy, accessible to all in live streaming from 11.30 on the youtube channel Spreco zero.

“Great goals – explains the founder of the Spreco Zero campaign Andrea Segrè – need exemplary supporters to reach the concrete attention of citizens and be shared in the good practices of our lives. Andrea Maggi, iconic ‘Prof’ but also a teacher in everyday life commitment of his life, embodies a concrete and vital bond with the young people of Gen Z and Alpha, a bridge to the future that we want to build together through initiatives such as the Sprecometro”.

Literature teacher in the secondary school of Pordenone, born in 1974, Andrea Maggi has become the most famous teacher in Italy as the professor of Italian, Latin and civic education in the Rai2 docu-reality show Il Collegio. Since January 2023 he has been a regular guest, with the role of Var of grammar, in the Rai3 program ‘Splendida Cornice’ with Geppi Cucciari.

As a writer he has published many novels, in 2022 ‘Story of love and anger’ (Giunti), winner of the international City of Como / Children and Kids Award, and in 2021 again for Giunti ‘Conta sul tuo cuore’ and for Piemme ‘Il unruly heart – like loving Manzoni in the time of the trap’. He has collaborated with public and private companies and institutions for the dissemination of contents aimed at young people on topics such as orientation, sustainability, equal opportunities as well as for the dissemination of contents of a purely literary and cultural field.