Andrea Meza, Miss Universe, dazzles with her beautiful figure in a tight swimsuit

Andrea Meza is now ready to hand over the crown. The Mexican has lived the shortest reign in the history of Miss Universe, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. His tenure only lasted seven months, but he has managed to make the most of them and get the best out of each experience.

In the last hours, Andrea shared a series of photographs with the text “Before and after we get into the sea” along with a funny emoji. And he added: “very early today we went to the Red Sea to see the coral reefs.” Recall that this is a gulf or basin of the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia.

In the first of the images, the miss Universe she wears a one-piece swimsuit with a neckline that goes from neck to navel. The fabric is reptilian simile of black color. In addition, she wears a bow at the waist that further demonstrates the figure of the 27-year-old. The sovereign is leaning on the edge of the chains of the Red Sea.

Source: Instagram @andreamezamx

In the following image, Andrea appears already in the sea with one of his companions. They both wear goggles and diving suits. Of course, they are no longer combed as they were in the shoot but they look more than happy. The third content is a video of the model before entering to live the experience.

Source: Instagram @andreamezamx

The publication exceeded 27 thousand likes and 200 comments. “Simply perfect”, “Hello beautiful”, “Queen and successor” and “The most beautiful in the Universe finally together” were some of the messages that Miss Universe received.