Andrea Pirlo got married: who is his wife and what does his wife do in her life

Wonderful news! Andrea Pirlo is married, have you ever seen his wife? Let’s get to know her better, who he is and what he does in life!

Former footballer, world champion and football coach. Football runs through the veins of Andrea Pirlo. He made his debut in the world of football at a very young age, it has always been his great passion and he has made it a real job. He has achieved numerous achievements during his experiences as a footballer and as a coach, he has shown himself to be a real talent on the pitch.

Andrea Pirlo got married, have you ever seen his wife? (Credits: Instagram)

A few days ago, the well-known former footballer got married. Andrea Pirlo got married for the second time. After the first marriage with Deborah Roversi but then their love has come to an end, the footballer has moved on. In 2014 he made the acquaintance ofthe woman who has become his wife today. Have you ever seen Andrea Pirlo’s wife? About her Her name is Valentina Baldini, let’s find out more about her.

Valentina Baldini is Andrea Pirlo’s wife, let’s get to know her better

They met in 2014, since then Andrea Pirlo and Valentina Baldini have become one. On March 12, 2022 in Turin, the two got married by getting married to the Municipality. The ceremony was very intimate. The couple, however, had already started a family some time before. In fact, from their relationship, the two in 2017 had two splendid twins. A wonderful family!

But what do we know about the wife of Andrea Pirlo? Let’s get to know Valentina Baldini better. She was born in ’79, she is now 43 years old and is originally from Turin.

andrea pirlo wife
Credits: Instagram

His Instagram profile is behind closed doors, so it is not possible to access it freely. We know from Valentina Baldini that she is a real estate developer and that she is a sports fan. In fact, it is said that her acquaintance with the well-known coach took place right on a golf course. She moved to New York with Andrea Pirlo when he was hired by New York City. The couple lives their relationship away from the spotlight, in fact we do not have shots in which they are often portrayed together except those in which the coach has shared on some occasion on her profile on special occasions.