Andrea Tombolini, the investigating judge: “Murderous fury, the dead could be three”

In the order with the validation of the arrest: “He struck to kill”

There is no doubt that the death of Luis Fernando Ruggieri and the wounding of two men “are due to the voluntary and violent action of the suspect, who wanted his death”. It is one of the passages of the ordinance with which the investigating magistrate of Milan Patrizia Nobile validated the arrest and ordered the precautionary custody in the psychiatric ward of the San Paolo hospital – with a lot of garrison to avoid escapes – for Andrea Tombolini accused of murder and of double attempted murder after the assault, armed with a knife, on the Carrefour hypermarket in Assago.

“In the present case the suspect drew vital organs (pectoral and thoracic area)” of the two most seriously injured (there are five in all, besides the victim) explains the judge in the measure in which he stresses that “the size of the knife must be considered , which had a blade 20 centimeters long, and the depth of the lesions, which necessitated an emergency hospitalization of both “, still hospitalized today with a reserved prognosis.

“The legal qualification of attempted murder, in the current state of the investigations, therefore appears correct in light of the modalities of the aggression and, in particular, of the intrinsic damaging potential of the means used, of the direction of the blows and of the regions of the body towards which these they were direct. After all, these are methods that can be superimposed on those that determined the death of Luis Fernando Ruggeri “. Furthermore, “it is still necessary to consider – writes the investigating judge Nobile – the wide confession made by the suspect, who did not try to deny the murderous will”.

“The brutal and heinous character of the attacks and the disproportionate level of violence bring out a personality devoid of inhibitions, capable of manifestations of uncontrollable and brutal violence. To this must be added the consideration that it was a sudden raptus, of which one they still precisely ignore the causes. ” “Although there is no documentary trace of a psychiatric history of the suspect, hardly a murderous rampage of this magnitude could have suddenly been unleashed, without any hint of any change in cognitive and emotional processes; and, above all, it is equally difficult to remain an isolated episode, both in the case in which it is due to some psychotic decompensation, or to some cognitive or emotional process that has not affected its conscience and will “adds the investigating judge Nobile.

For the investigating magistrate “while waiting for a desirable technical assessment on the accountability of the suspect, the elements just highlighted lead us to consider the risk of recidivism particularly high” and for this reason Tombolini must remain in the psychiatric ward of the San Paolo hospital, under pre-trial detention. Although there is no documentary trace of a psychiatric history of the suspect, the judge traces some events: from a past of drug addiction to surgery for a herniated disc on August 10, so “for two weeks he would have started not talk more and threaten suicide “.

On 18 October he went to the general practitioner, who had issued him a referral for a psychiatric visit, which he should have carried out on 7 November. “On October 19 he became the protagonist of a first violent episode, which manifested itself with damage to household objects, as reported by his father, also hurled at his parents (as reported by his sister). The parents asked for the intervention of the police. and the same was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, from which the suspect walked away, returning home “, on October 26 he personally contacted the Red Cross, complaining of head and back pains and once again then left from the emergency room.

“Finally, on the day of his arrest – reads the ordinance – he was subjected to a gastroscopy with sedation, following which, despite medical reassurances, he would begin to develop obsessive hypochondriacal thoughts that would then have triggered the murderous fury”.