Andrés Velencoso broke the silence about his relationship with the model Valentina Hites

Andres Valencoso He is one of the most coveted Spanish actors for his beauty and talent. The 44-year-old actor is especially known for his advertising campaigns for Chanel and Luis Vuitton. Scope that would unite him with his possible current partner, the Chilean model of only 25 years, Valentina Hites.

Andres Valencoso. Source: Instagram @andresvalencoso

Thanks to their profession and the Chanel firm, both shared an event. This is the Chanel Cruise Parade that was held a few days ago in Miami. The interesting thing is that there are witnesses who saw them leave the events together, apparently there was something else between them. On the Instagram of valentina hites you could see her incredible look for that night, with which she could have easily conquered the Andres Valencoso.

Valentina Hites. Source: Instagram @valentinahites

However, shy for now, the Spanish actor denied such a rumor to the media. In an interview on the street, the actor responded very quickly when asked if there was something between valentina hites and he replied, where did they get that from? For now there is nothing confirmed but they would make a nice couple.

Andres Valencoso, had his last important participation in the series EDHA of Argentine production and accompanied by Juana Viale as a co-star, the former partner of Gonzalo Valenzuela. Also in love, Andrés Valencoso, was dating Kylie Minogue, the Australian singer, for 5 years from 2008 to 2013. Since then, the only confirmed fleeting romance was just a few months ago with the super model Candice Swanepoel.

Valentina Hites. Source: Instagram @valentinahites

By your side, valentina hites she would be very focused on her career. Daughter of businessman Marcos Hites and former Miss Chile and owner of the defunct Tannery & Co. store, Carolina Michelson, the model has the whole future ahead of her. She studied journalism at the Universidad de los Andes, and she had her first opportunity to enter the world of fashion, when she covered a Fashion Week.