Angélica Castro launched herself against the haters who destroyed Laura de la Fuente in the networks

Laura de la Fuente is a young model and influencer who is recognized for being the daughter of actress and host Angélica Castro and Cristián de la Fuente. In the last hours, the young woman made headlines for having started her career on the catwalks, although she was not as she expected, considering that she received thousands of hater comments that criticized her for being “the daughter of”. In relation to this, it was her mother who came out to defend her and attacked all the users who spoke ill of her daughter on social networks.

The daughter of Cristián de la Fuente and Angélica Castro, is 18 years old and began studying Business Engineering this year and commented on her first year of study: “It went much better than I expected. As a girl she had a bug for something commercial, she sold things to my neighbors ”. In addition, Laura de la Fuente explained that it was a very intense month and that she noticed a big difference with the secondary school. However, in order to bring her university career up to date, she commented that she had to make some sacrifices, such as leaving the women’s soccer team and abandoning a marathon that she had planned to carry out.

Laura de la Fuente, daughter of Angélica Castro and Cristián de la Fuente. Source Instagram @laudelafuentec

Beyond studying Business Engineering, laura de la fuente She began her career as a model and did so in recent weeks for the Zas agency. On her Instagram account, the daughter of Angélica Castro and Cristián de la Fuente shared in the first person what her experience as a model was like and said: “Thank you very much @corona_chile for the opportunity to walk the parade for the first time. What an incredible experience.” However, in the post she received thousands of negative comments that criticized her not only for her figure, but because they assured that she reached the catwalks, just because she was the daughter of celebrities.

In the face of hater comments, it was his mother, angelica castro who came out to support and defend her and responded to one of the most hurtful comments that was: “What do you think that they invite you to these types of events because they are intelligent, pretty, or because they are the daughter of?” This was what made Laura de la Fuente’s mother angry and she went out to the crossroads: “Why so much anger in your heart? You have no idea what has happened.”

Continuing with the response to the user’s comments, angelica castro He reminded him that he is only 18 years old and advised him not to write comments with “bad energy” again. However, another of the comments also criticized Laura de la Fuente: “celebrities making use of their fame and others who have to pay for academies and never give them the opportunity.” Beyond that, there were more compliments that the young model received.

Angélica Castro’s response to the hater comments. Source Instagram @laudelafuentec