Angie Johns today after Lives on the Limit: this very recent shot will make you jump, it shows just like that

How did Angie Johns become today after Lives on the Limit? This latest shot will make you jump out of your chair, it shows just like that.

There are so many patients who have chosen to go to Dr. Nowzaradan over the course of the ten seasons of Lives to the Limit. And just as many are those who, after starting to obtain excellent results in the clinic, managed to register them even once they returned home. This is the case, for example, of Justin McSwain or Milla Clark.

How is Angie Johns today after Lives on the Limit: here she is in this very recent shot. Credits: Youtube

The story of Angie Johns, as many will remember, it was told during the seventh season of the program. And immediately she was able to win particular attention. Not only because the past of the young patient of Dr. Nowzaradan was marked by various traumatic events, but also because the results recorded in the course of her journey were not at all satisfactory. Angie, in fact, was one of those patients who chose not to continue the program for 12 months, but to abandon it earlier than expected. In fact, Johns had returned home after only 8 months of starting her journey with only 22 kilos lighter. Did you see, however, how she became today? This latest shot will leave you speechless.

What is Angie Johns like today after Lives a Limit? Twist: it shows just like that

The real litmus test is not strictly respecting Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet and his weight loss path during the 12 months of Vite al Limite, but respecting a healthy and correct diet once back home. And how many there have been during these editions who, as soon as the spotlights are turned off, have lost even more weight. Among these, there is precisely Angie Johns. Even if the woman chose to leave the program after going from 292 kg to 270 kg, it is at home that she gave birth to a real shock change.

About a couple of years have passed since his participation in Lives on the Limit, but have you seen what Angie Johns has become today? On Facebook, we were able to track down some very recent shots and we couldn’t help but notice her losing weight. Here she is, you too will jump when you see her:

angie johns lives to the limit
Credits: Instagram

The Angie of now has nothing to do with the Angie of before, does it?