Aníbal Pachano defends his position after conflict with Lisandra Silva in "Here you dance"

The confrontation between Lisandra Silva and Hannibal Pachano in “Aquí Se Baila” he continues to give people something to talk about. This time, the Argentine jury gave its version of the events on the TV + program “Todos a la Mesa”, where they defended her position after calling the Cuban woman a “liar” during a discussion on the main channel of Channel 13.

As Pachano explained, the discussion originated from the constant changes of dancers and choreographers that Silva was having. “You are a liar”the Argentine told the former reality show participant, which caused the Cuban’s annoyance.

However, Pachano assured that at no time did he disrespect Silva and that he was only direct with her. “What was it that you said to him without respect?” Questioned the jury in the TV+ space.

“Liar, because she was lying to me that she had not changed the coach, nor the dancers and she got along badly with all the people on the channel, it is that lady’s problem”Pachano argued.

In addition, the Argentine took the situation with humor and assured that Lisandra Silva “loved this fight, because this helps her to keep a little in the middle.” He also mentioned that the Cuban did not listen to the note that she gave him as a judge in the program and she withdrew earlier.

The conflict between Lisandra Silva and Aníbal Pachano continues to give something to talk about in the world of television. Despite the fact that the jury assures that they did not disrespect the Cuban, the tension between the two was evident in the program “Aquí Se Baila”.

Could it be that this fight will continue in future broadcasts of the star of Channel 13?