Anica: “Signs of recovery for the cinema thanks to quality Italian films”

The panel ‘Theatrical heart of economic profitability’ presented by Anica and Anec at the ‘Giornate di Cinema’ in Sorrento, opened by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni

“Cinema in theaters is showing signs of recovery, with a strong contribution from quality Italian productions: the atmosphere after the presentation of next semester’s price lists is one of confidence in the strength of upcoming films. The critical issue remains the number of spectators returning to post-pandemic salt, but work is also on that goal”. This is what emerged from the panel ‘The Theatrical heart of economic profitability’, presented by Anica And Anec at ‘Cinema Days’ in Sorrentoopened by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni and closed by the director general Cinema and Audiovisual Nicholas Borrelliin which they participated Roberto went writer, director and screenwriter, Piera Detassis president and artistic director of the Academy of Italian Cinema – David di Donatello Awards, Mario Lorini Anec president, Nicola Maccanico CEO of Cinecittà.

“The audiovisual – underlined the president of the Union of Producers Anica, Benedict Habib – it is an industry with an enormous employment base, with a growing and widespread induced activity on the territory, which has established itself as such in recent years also due to legislative interventions such as tax credit. The quality of the Italian product in the dining room is giving great results and leads us to trust that we will find ourselves with more optimism in some time”.

Optimism shared by the president of the Audiovisual Media Publishers Union Anica, Jaime Ondarza. “Perhaps we have extreme impressions from the fact that we have lived through a dramatic era, which has affected cinemas and our lives. Now we are awakening, but be careful to give an image of an industry in suffering, because, if it is true for room, and we are trying to work together to solve the problem, it must also be said that Italy is experiencing a moment of formidable vivacity and a growth in investments that has never been seen before.Italian talent is expressing itself in a way that we will see in the coming years with stories that will travel in theaters and in all the windows of exploitation”.

Louis Lonigro President of the Publishers and Distributors Union of Anica: “Not all industries are good. One segment is very good, another bad, the theatrical one. I believe that the supply chain must work together to try to rebalance this situation. We had a rather complicated year, we didn’t expect brilliant results, but 45 million attendances in 2022 are a negative number. We have the ambition to believe that this market can still stand on its feet, i.e. that the theatrical box office can once again become the primary support for the industry and for our segment, that we can work in safety, with the support public as a support element, to stimulate investments and special projects. For 2023 we can think of a definitely better atmosphere”.