Anita Alvarado uncovers secret romance with famous

“If it’s for sex… well, I have about two,” Anita Alvarado herself confessed openly, who could not resist talking about her spicy relationship with a celebrity. We tell you everything!

During the last chapter of the divine food, Anita Alvarado nothing was saved and he surprised everyone present by revealing that he had been having an intense affair with a well-known character from the show. “I’m about to throw someone into the water and I can’t,” confessed the model and businesswoman, without giving further details about her mysterious lover.

Diners couldn’t believe their ears and quickly began to speculate on the true identity of the lucky celebrity. “It must be someone you know if you don’t want to throw it into the water”, the guest also narrowed Camila Floreswho did not hesitate to investigate more on the subject.

But Anita did not want to delve into the matter and limited herself to saying that she couldn’t name names, as she wanted to be respectful of her secret lover. However, he made it clear that It was not just any adventure, but an intense romance that had been kept in hiding.

But that was not all, Anita Alvarado also confessed that she not only had a secret romance, but that she had more than one! “If it’s for sex… well, I have about two,” said the businesswoman, making it clear that her love life is more busy than it seems.

Unsurprisingly, Anita Alvarado’s confession has caused a stir in show business, and many people are already speculating about the true identity of her secret lovers. Is it some famous actor or singer? Or maybe a politician or businessman? The truth is that for now, only Anita Alvarado knows the truth.

Although the businesswoman did not want to give further details about her love life, what is clear is that Anita Alvarado continues to be one of the most controversial and controversial personalities of the Chilean show business. And we will be attentive to all the details of this burning story!