ANITA ALVARADO vs DANIELA ARÁNGUIZ, the most RARE television fight of 2022 does not stop

It all started with comments from Anita Alvarado on Daniela Aranguiz in the Chilevisión program We can talk. After that the ex-partner magician valdivia he answered and brought up the daughter of The Geisha, Angie Alvaradoand that was the match in the gasoline that unleashed an explosion like few of us have had in Chilean entertainment.

Anita Alvarado’s response: The LIve

On Sunday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m., and as announced, Anita Alvarado appeared on her Instagram account to say everything she thought about Daniela Aránguiz and, incidentally, declassify the story of when Jorge Valdivia was a lover. of his daughter who, it should be noted, at that time was a minor (which Anita made clear). “Angie was 17 years old and she was with your husband and I’m going to tell you that I met your husband at my house and you were hated.”

“They were together, he arrived home in a taxi, in fact everyone in the condominium knew him and knew when the magician arrived, I think he is not attractive at all, a small goat, a small shit, when I caught him, I came from Santa Cruz and I see him inside my house and I thought what happened here? and there I made them cut off the relationship, and your husband was in love with my daughter, up to the legs ”

After several minutes on the air, and with a tune that any television program would like, the Geisha fired with everything and made it clear that messing with one of her daughters is an unintelligent path for anyone who thinks of hurting her. because Anita comes with everything.

He also recounted details of Aránguiz’s relationship with his in-laws and argued that it was Jorge Valdivia’s own father who tried to intercede for Angie to stay with El Mago, but Anita forbade it.

“I don’t know what he found, when Angie didn’t want to hang out with him anymore, because he told her no more, then he got desperate and your father-in-law went to talk to me at home and guess what your father-in-law suggested that Angie please not I ended up with him because in reality they were going to leave you Daniela, they were going to leave you because you don’t warm him up, because he’s not in love with you”

“Now your mother-in-law loved her, I don’t know if now, but she loved her all the time, Aránguiz, did you want to hear this? It hurts, right?”added the Geisha.

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Daniela Aránguiz’s response

And although for many Internet users the fight between the two Chilean television personalities had already ended with the words of Anita Alvarado, the truth is that it was not like that, since the Zona de Estrellas panelist attacked with an Instagram story where he not only mocked The Geisha again by putting the Poop emoji over her face, but also launched an even stronger accusation against her.

“Why don’t you talk about the grandparents who stole your entire retirement?” Was what he put in the image where you can see a screenshot that accounted for the thousands of people connected to Alvarado’s Live.

Instagram capture @danyaranguizf

When will the next chapter between Anita Alvarado and Daniela Aránguiz be?

Although you never know how show business personalities react, the truth is that you can intuit, or at least predict, that Anita Alvarado will not remain silent after this new accusation and will surely lash out with another Live that will make your hair stand on end. to all and all who follow these two local TV stars.

In addition, Jorge Valdivia is expected to take charge of the statements of both women who, for one reason or another, ended up unleashing a huge fight where the protagonist is El Mago and who, yet, has not spoken in detail about it and only He limited himself to uploading a couple of stories to Instagram where he made fun of the situation and in passing made jokes on his dad.

Capture from Instagram @jorgitovaldivia
Capture from Instagram @jorgitovaldivia

In any scenario, we are only clear that this is not over and that the fight still has chapters to tell because of what this media battle has for a while.

So we can only say for now: Miriam, put on the kettle!