Anita Alvarado’s brutal threat to Daniela Aránguiz: “YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER”

popular tv figure Anita Ester Alvarado Muñozalso known as “The Chilean Geisha” She was recently a guest on the television program Podemos Hablar, from CHV, and in the chapter she did not leave a puppet with a head. One of her darts went straight to Daniela Aranguizthe model, ex Yingo and ex-partner of Jorge Valdivia. And that’s when all the trouble started.

What did Anita Alvarado say about Daniela Aránguiz?

It all started when La Geisha unsheathed her sharp tongue and launched a harsh comment against the Zona de Estrellas panelist. Speaking about Daniela Aránguiz and her separation with “El Mago” Valdivia Alvarado said: “What? Ah, if there is a meme that says if I give her another chance it will be the last, doesn’t that woman have dignity? When is her dignity going to run out? When the money runs out, there is no other way”.

as if that were not enough Anita Alvarado then he finished by saying “But let him separate, let him have dignity.”

Daniela Aránguiz’s response

Once Anita Alvarado’s words came to light and became the obligatory commentary at entertainment venues and gatherings over tea, mate and cookies, it was Daniela Aránguiz herself who unsheathed her tongue and responded to La Geisha, And with that the battle broke out.

Aránguiz used his Instagram account to respond mockingly and said that he was amused that “a prostitute talks about being dignified.” And immediately afterwards he did what Anita Alvarado likes the least, that is, he messed with one of her daughters saying that Anita should teach her: “to not have courage, to mess with married men and families”.

“It’s not my fault that they didn’t catch your daughter seriously and that you taught her not to have courage, to mess with married men and families. That’s not not having dignity, to go hiding for nothing or for money?”.

And he added a tremendous phrase that alluded to the well-known past of ‘The Geisha’: “How a woman who sold her body for years speaks of dignity. A prostitute talking about being worthy makes me laugh, when the most unworthy thing is that your vagina has a price.”.

Having said all that, and as expected, the fight was put together.

Anita Alvarado’s response: “You are going to suffer”

little took the geisha to hit back Daniela Aranguiz and on his Instagram account he launched a series of Stories where he hit back and forth to the pair of Jorge Valdivia.

First he told him not to mess with his daughter and then he launched a deep threat. “You brought my daughter up in my face, you published her there… Now, you are going to suffer and I promise you are going to cry, because you are going to know the truth about who your husband was, or whose he is. And they are going to know the truth about who you are too and what your father-in-law offered me so that I would keep quiet.”.

“I’m going to fuck you! Never ever… she gets over my daughter, understand, get over her. She is not weá of silver, that remains for you ”.

He also uploaded a publication where he makes it clear that things will not remain in this simple first round of accusations, but that it is very likely that the “rags in the sun” will continue to air with new stories and fights that, at this point, They have already gained more prominence precisely because of the morbidity caused by this type of farandulera discussions.