Anna Capasso, Summer on Us is a festive embrace of life

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Summer on us comes from a thought, comes from the desire to pick up the thread of our life. Anna Capasso shows that everyday life is once again precious and full of beautiful moments. The text of the single is accompanied by a video clip in which, as in a dream, the long-awaited return to a normal life is manifested, where loves and friendships are intertwined. The lights come back on finally, to go back to living as if it were a day of celebration, finally away from home, starting from the music that, even in the darkest moments, has not abandoned us. Unfortunately, the storm comes when you least expect it and today, this song also finds its mission in saying no to the terrible war that has been taking place for months between Russia and Ukraine, hoping for peace.

Anna let’s start from the single: why did you choose it as the summer single beyond the fresh and cheerful theme?

These days I’m closing last few things on the record. The single was born between the end of the pandemic and the start of the war. I reflected on what had happened and is happening and tells of the desire to start living again and hope that the war will end as soon as possible.
There is an exact episode in the last few weeks where you said to yourself: have I picked up the thread of my life?

Definitely when I took the RTL stage.
The song is also your way of saying no to war and all wars: if it were possible you would go to a concert in Ukraine. On the other hand, you were born on April 25, a symbolic day.

It is the day of liberation. That date made history. I would go there quietly. Obviously it depends on the situation but by nature I am not afraid of obstacles, I overcome them. Or I get around them.
Are you a versatile artist: music, television, cinema… Are you saddened by the fact that in Italy those who do many things are neither art nor part while abroad they are a complete artist?

It makes me think more than sadden. We are stopped and we do not go forward. I come from a demanding music, with an Italian voice and tradition. I discovered that people need to have fun, with Massimo D’Ambra I write important things but with light musicality so that it reaches everyone.
Is it better to believe in looks or in fairy tales?

Looks can tell a lot more than fairy tales. At that moment I was referring to a person who came to the house to hug me again. I wasn’t convinced that it was all really over. I was stuck in the house alone and I was afraid that everything that was happening outside was not over.
When you say I just want to live how do you think the pandemic has changed the will to live?

It made us appreciate the little things. We used to have taboos. Now we enjoy the moon and sunsets more and the amazing beauty of nature. We have too many frenzies and consumerism around and instead an aperitif with friends or a wallet pizza or ice cream is nice. I hadn’t done it for a long time now I have resumed. Then the hugs returned, which are very important.
Is looking for friends to believe in a phrase that comes from past disappointments?

Yes. Friendship is a great value, I put a lot of myself into it when I offer it. Few are unconditional ones.
The past is past: are you a woman who knows how to forget or has the past passed in the song but not in life?

I can forget but I keep what happened in a corner of my heart or brain. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, the negative has come to make us grow, some things you can’t bring back but you can not repeat the mistake.
Solo dance it was a message to live life away from technology, it was and is an invitation to carpe diem: a year later we still dance alone or Summer upon us Does it prove that we have taken our life back?

We have recovered in full.
Today, as an important birthday is approaching, do you think that the dreams of the little girl singing Celine Dion and Aretha Franklyn in front of the mirror have come true?

Absolutely no. Dreams do not have to come true completely but they must help us to live and project us towards the future. Without dreams, life has no meaning. Personally I tell you that I am more reflective and artistically I am younger than before.
In the videos you change a lot of clothes: how is your wardrobe?

Large, I have no more space in the closet. I certainly love shoes but also skirts, I am very jealous of the ones I particularly like.
What is seduction today?

An important thing. It is also a single glance, the tone of the voice. It is not just the nude, it is many shades and it hits the center of the soul.
Can you make pizza? Is that fried food your favorite?

The theme of pizza in the video of the song was born because during the pandemic with Gino Sorbillo we made a webcam in streaming and he taught me how to make pizza in the oven. Live we made that fried. This is a piece of aggregation, in the other pieces there was a more showing of beauty, here I focus on aggregation and restart.
In Like rain from the dark thoughts arise: does the night welcome your creativity?

Absolutely yes, I write at night. Even the scripts of my videos are born at night.
Will it happen to us in the next few weeks?

I’ll do some live shows, then a traveling television program. I’m preparing for the record in September and I hope for Sanremo. Of course I will also do some dives but the work is now a priority.