Anna Falchi and the phrases on TV about Sinner: “I made a mistake”

The presenter says mea culpa after the intervention on La vita in diretta

Anna Falchi says mea culpa after the words about Jannik Sinner. The presenter, a guest yesterday on La vita in diretta, criticized the Italian tennis player’s decision to abandon the 2024 Sanremo Festival and stated that Sinner would only return to the field on May 8th. The 22 year old, therefore, would have had plenty of time to go to the Festival. In reality, Sinner has already resumed training and in February he will return to the field for the Rotterdam tournament.

“I have the obligation to express my thoughts on a piece of news that is getting space in the press, I would never have expected it. On La vita in diretta we were talking about Sinner, it turned out that I only said that he isn’t nice or empathetic because he comes from Northern Italy… I am Finnish speaking…”, says Falchi. “Far be it from me to criticize Sinner – he continues -. I simply said that it would have been nice if he had gone to Sanremo to be honored by all Italians. I also wanted to underline how ignorant he is in relation to Sinner’s next commitments. I had searched on Google and I the date of May 8th came out and I said it in a careless way, I’m very sorry. I’m no one to criticize a great champion, I’m surprised that the press picked up on these outbursts that I made carelessly. Long live Sinner and long live the fans, never mind if they criticized me: they were right.”