Anna Moroni announced it to everyone on social media: “Always in my heart”

Anna Moroni announced it to everyone on her official social channel, showing her joy: did you see what happened to her too?

If the beloved TV face has used his channel social to tell the bad episode that happened to him, Anna Moroni he wanted to use it to share the joy of the moment with his supporters. The former protagonist of La Prova del Cuoco, in fact, took part in an event that he will never forget and will always carry in his heart.

Anna Moroni. Credits: Instagram

Many will remember it in the famous Rai Due cooking show hosted by Antonella Clerici. And in many of her, even today, they hope for her return on TV. Anna Moroni, however, at least for the moment would have closed with the ‘small screen’, even if she never misses an opportunity to keep in touch with her audience through her official social channel. Just think, followed by more than 100,000 followers, the beloved cook is used to entertain her audience with delicious shots. Whether in the kitchen, on TV, in the company of friends or her family, the nice Moroni loves to share everything with her supporters.

A few hours ago, Anna Moroni’s post with which she wanted to make her fans participate in an extraordinary event which she attended in first person. It is something extraordinary, which she herself has revealed to always carry in her heart.

Anna Moroni announces it to everyone on social media: she will never forget it

Such an event Anna Moroni he could not fail to share it with his audience social. And so, as she usually does, she immediately kept her supporters updated on what happened to her in the last few hours. The former beloved TV face attended the wedding of two of her dear friends and wanted to make her admirers share in her joy. On this very happy day for her friends, in fact, the beloved Moroni was not at all a ‘simple’ guest, but something much more.

“It was a memorable day that I will always carry in my heart”, wrote Anna Moroni to accompany these shots that portray her happy and smiling with her two friends. Wearing a perfect outfit for the occasion, the beloved TV face witnessed this union of Alessandro and Fabio.

We do not know how long they have been friends and nor how their friendship began, the fact is that if the couple has chosen to have her as a wedding witness, it means that theirs is a friendship of the past. And we can only be happy with this.

anna moroni social
Anna Moroni and friends. Credits: Instagram

Needless to tell you the reaction of Anna’s audience! Upon seeing her photo, her supporters not only congratulated the newlyweds, but couldn’t help but praise the beautiful Moroni even more. “You are an example”, says a comment. “What a myth”, says another.