Anna Tatangelo from the beginning to today: how it has changed over time, the images compared

How has Anna Tatangelo changed from the beginning to today? The images compared: you will be truly speechless when you see the changes.

It is, without any doubt, the revelation face of Mediaset, Anna Tatangelo. At the helm of “Scenes from a wedding” for her very first time ever, Sora’s singer has been able to fully prove herself up to the occasion, so much so that she has been confirmed not only in the second edition, but also in the third.

From the beginning to today: how Anna Tatangelo has changed over the years. Credits: Instagram

To date, Anna Tatangelo is a beloved face not only of Italian music – and her incredible successes give us ample confirmation – but also of Italian television. Are you curious, though, to know how it has changed over the years? Currently, her charm does not go unnoticed and allows her to be considered one of the most beautiful women of the Italian show, but what was she like in the past? When she made her debut in Sanremo with Double fragile, we know very well that Tatangelo was just a little girl. Now, however, she is a beautiful woman, mother and singer in all respects. In addition to her life, however, will she have changed too? Let’s find out together: here are the images compared to Anna Tatangelo from the beginning to today.

From the beginning to today: how Anna Tatangelo has changed over the years

Strongly pushed by her mum and dad to pursue a musical career, Anna Tatangelo she made her debut in this world when she was only a little girl and immediately knew how to distinguish herself from all her other colleagues. Today, her name is very well established and her voice is among the most loved in the Italian music scene. If currently, however, the singer of Sora is very much loved, are you curious to know how she has changed over the years? Her charm, as we said, is irresistible, but has it always been like that?

Sifting through his Instagram channel a little, we managed to track down a video of his beginnings on the Sanremo stage, but what was it like in those years? We are about to offer you two comparative images, which allow us to understand what her changes have been up to now. Are you ready? You will truly be speechless:

Anna Tatangelo from the beginning to today
Credits: Instagram

In the first photo, as you can see, Anna is a little girl in her very first experience on TV. In the second, however, we have proposed Anna again today struggling with “Scenes of a wedding”. Do you notice any differences? We absolutely don’t! Of course, today she is definitely more mature and a woman in all respects. For the rest, however, she is always splendid.