Anna Valle, the highly anticipated announcement of the actress: “As Lea says …”

Protagonist of the series “Lea – A new day”, actress Anna Valle gave Fanpage news that will make the public happy.

Aired every Tuesday starting from last February 8, Lea – A new day it is proving to be a real success for Rai 1 in terms of ratings. Thanks to a compelling storyline and a very capable cast, including the actress Anna Valle who plays the role of the protagonist.

Anna Valle, the highly anticipated announcement of the actress arrives: “As Lea says …” (Instagram)

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Lea is a ‘nurse of the pediatric ward of the Estense Hospital of Ferrara and a character much loved by the public. The former Miss Italia 1995 spoke to the microphones of this triumph and much more Fanpage.

During the interview, Valle told what unites her to Lea and how she feels different. Additionally, she made an announcement that many viewers were eagerly awaiting her.

Anna Valle and a possible second season of Lea – A new day: what the actress reveals

TO Fanpage the beloved actress said, among other things, that to step into the role of the character she plays she used two nurses who explained to her how to use the tools of the trade.

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Certainly a particular job, above all because the patients are sick children. About that, Anna Valle he admits: “It’s a difficult job. You must have the great ability to deal with something very heavy to absorb, which is a child’s illness. At the same time you have to be able to make them smile, to ease their pain. And this you have to do daily. I don’t know if I would be able to be so constant in giving that energy every day ”.

The announcement that everyone was waiting for came during the interview: there will be a second season of Lea? Well, the actress did not exclude him: “He is a very beautiful character, which gives the possibility of having new episodes. I don’t really like making sequels, I only made them where I thought they made sense. Lea, in fact, would have the potential and I do not completely rule it out. Let’s see how she will go. Let’s leave it to fate, as Lea says ”.

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Anna Valle actress
Photo source: Instagram

While waiting to find out if there will be a second part of the series, in the meantime, keep following the episodes every Tuesday in the early evening because they will certainly be unmissable!