Anna Valle, who she is and what her husband does in life

What we know about Anna Valle’s private life: let’s find out who she is and what her husband Ulisse does in life, they met just like that!

Anna Valle she is one of the best and most appreciated actresses by the Italian public. Since her career took off she has played so many different characters. The last time we saw her in the role of the protagonist was in the series Lea-A new day, where she joined the actor Giorgio Pasotti.

Who is Anna Valle’s husband: how long have they been together (credits: youtube) sologossip

She played the role of a pediatric nurse working in the Ferrara hospital. Due to the loss of the baby she was expecting, she decides to take some time for herself. When she returns she finds herself working with her ex-husband. This story captivated viewers. The actress and all the other characters managed to make us savor their sensations, they sent us the emotions they felt, love and pain.

We know that Anna has been able to do this every time she has brought a role to life on the small and big screen. We know a lot about her professional experience, but what do we know about her private life? This is also not so little known, do you know who her husband is and what he does in life? Let’s find out some details together!

Who is Anna Valle’s husband: how they met, how many children and what does he do in life

The career of Anna Valle it started out differently. You will remember her when she won the Miss Italy sash in 1995, where she entered the contest with the Miss Sicily sash. Many will not know that before that she was doing something else. In fact she worked in her mother’s underwear shop.

After winning as Miss, however, her life takes a completely different turn. And it is after those first steps that she can finally realize her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. A simple appearance was enough and in less than no time everyone noticed her talent: she staged her art by conquering viewers in every film or fiction in which she took part. Everything about her career is known but her private life is also known, at least in part. Do you know who her husband is?

husband of the actress
Who is the husband of the actress: what he does in life (credits: youtube) sologossip

Anna Valle has been married to Ulisse Lendaro since 2008. In the same year they became parents of the eldest daughter Ginevra while in 2013 the second son, Leonardo, was born. Apparently the first meeting took place on the set of Miss Take, after her husband had an extra role. Today Ulisse is an important lawyer but also a producer and director. The couple has been together for many years and are increasingly united.