Anne Heche still in a coma after an accident, investigates alcohol and drug use

Drug tests ordered after she crashed her car into a house in LA

The American actress Anne Heche53, was hospitalized last Friday in the hospital in critical condition, after having himself crashed with his car against one Los Angeles home. The LAPD has issued a warrant to execute a toxicological examination on the Heche to investigate whether alcohol or drug use was the cause of the accident. “The investigation is ongoing, the results are now awaited,” agent Hernandez told USA Today. Meanwhile, La Heche is still hospitalized. “Right now, she’s in extremely critical condition,” the actress’s manager told USA Today on Monday. lung injury significant requiring mechanical ventilation and burns requiring surgery. She entered in a coma shortly after the accident and did not regain consciousness. “Los Angeles firefighters reported that last Friday the vehicle struck a two-story house in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood,” causing structural damage and then exploding in a major fire, “and that the actress has been pulled out of her Moni Cooper by now on fire. In a video, shown on TV, the damaged actress’s blue car is seen being towed away as firefighters load a woman into an ambulance. Fifty-nine firefighters spent 65 minutes putting out the flames and rescuing the Heche. No others were reported wounded. La Heche is still hospitalized in a coma. Her condition is defined as ” stable ”.