ANOTHER BOMB IS COMING: Shakira and Karol G got together to spoil Gerard Piqué’s birthday

Colombian singer Shakira is experiencing a moment of great attention and apparently has no intention of stopping his “revenge” in his songs against Gerard Piqué, her ex-husband and chairman of the Kings League. The artist from Barranquilla still enjoys the success of her latest release together with bizarre titled “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53” and focuses on his work after his breakup, which is why rumors of a collaboration with the also Colombian Carol G. seem to be true.

The interpreter of “Whenever, Wherever” has not hidden her desire to work with her compatriot, and everything indicates that the two famous singers from the coffee country will join their voices in a song that promises to talk about heartbreak, a subject that both know well after end your romantic relationships recently.

Although none of the artists has officially confirmed the collaboration, the Spanish channel Telecinco assures that the project is a fact. Rumors return to the fore and both artists are expected to share what they do best: sing spitefully with real poisoned darts.

As reported by the Spanish media, the recording of the video took place at the beginning of 2023 in the city of Barcelona. The movement in the mansion Esplugues de Llobregatwith the arrival of dancers and choreographers, raised all suspicions by also having “La Bichota” in that country.

an informant of The newspaper affirms that the artists met in Barcelona on January 6 to begin filming the video, which was completed in 48 hours, after accumulating work days of 15 continuous hours.

Although you would think Carol G. would be the guest artist, it seems that Shakira will be the guest on the theme of the interpreter of “Tusa”. Everything indicates that it will also be loaded with stanzas that speak against Piquein what would be the empowerment of women, remembering that both have suffered love disappointments and public breakups.

According to a YouTube portal, the artists hope to release the song on February 2. Without a doubt, it will be a song that will mark a before and after in the careers of these two Latin superstars.

The collaboration between Karol G and Shakira would be a reality

The long-awaited collaboration between the famous Colombian singers Shakira and Karol G. is a reality. As revealed by the journalist Laura Fafrom the podcast Mamarazzis of The newspaper, the recording of the video clip took place in Barcelona at the beginning of January. For two days, the two artists worked together to create a music video that will meet the expectations of their fans.

The journalist Lorena Vázquez from the same medium points out that the topic would be “very aligned” with the personal situation that Shakira is experiencing at the moment, despite the fact that “the song is by Karol G”.

This suggests that, even though the song’s lyrics fit the breakup story of Shakirawill be part of the next album by Karol G.

However, it is important to note that Shakira has confirmed that she already has a full album recorded, so it is likely that this collaboration is not part of that project. Like the collaboration of Quevedo It is not part of the latter’s debut album.

In any case, this musical union promises to be a great success and will mark a before and after in the careers of both artists. It will certainly be a song that fans are looking forward to with bated breath.