Another difficult moment for Shakira, the millionaire agreement that she would have signed with her ex-brother-in-law

Apparently, the rumors about the private life of Shakira they seem endless. Now the singer would be related to a million-dollar agreement so that they do not talk about her family.

Kike Callejaauthor of the exclusive, said in the program “Save me” that the Barranquilla woman did not want to leave loose ends.

This is how the journalist related it: “It belongs to a former member of the family, his former brother-in-law Roberto Garciawho had a relationship with his sister Lucila. “According to Roberto, Lucila abandoned him, went to Barranquilla and disappeared a large amount of money that he invested in things that Shakira’s family told him to invest, and he felt cheated.”

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For this reason, the singer would have signed an agreement with Roberto so that he would not talk about his family because they are not going through a good time due to the delicate health of William Mebarak, Shakira’s father.

“Shakira has made the decision to reach a million-dollar deal with Roberto”. All this “In exchange for Roberto never speaking publicly about the family again.”

In fact, the famous would have postponed her trip to Miami, where she will start a new life with her children Milan and Sasha.

The journalist also reported that: “He has had to deliver compromising documentation of the family that could give a lot to talk about and that would demonstrate everything that he has told this time ago.”

In addition, he explained that the agreement “It was a meeting that closed a few days ago in the Canary Islands. She did not appear physically.”

For now, Shakira has not ruled on the veracity of the facts; However, there are several media outlets that talk about the millionaire deal.