Another rainy weekend, then summer breaks out: the weather

The weather forecast until Monday 9 May

A little uncertain Mother’s Day weekend with frequent showers, then summer will come suddenly. Next week, from Tuesday, peaks of 30-33 ° C in the North with the first sultry conditions of 2022.

We will savor the real summer-like heat, perhaps we will regret the cool days of this below average spring, which among other things is paired with the cold one of last year, but we will celebrate the first heat of May with fewer restrictions and without lockdown after 2 years , however, remembering that it will always be our duty to follow the most responsible health and hygiene regulations. But how are we going to get to this summer-like heat, this summer suddenly?

We will have to go through rains, showers and homothermal days: temperatures will record a minimum difference between the lowest and highest values, with a daily temperature range close to zero degrees. We will therefore have homothermal days, without significant thermal differences between sunrise and afternoon: for example, minimums of 17 ° C and maximums of 18 ° C are expected, especially in the South, with a widely covered sky that will not allow the sun to heat the air.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site, therefore foresees for this weekend a Saturday with a thousand faces and a Sunday with some bright spells: today in the North we will still have showers on the Alps and the Apennines and locally also in the Po Valley with patches of patches , in a gray and cloudy context. At the Center rains expected on Sardinia, Abruzzo, Molise and the Apennines, from the afternoon some showers also towards Lazio, elsewhere some sunny glimmer. In the South the situation will instead be disturbed due to the presence of the Algerian vortex with bad weather almost everywhere and widespread homothermal.

We arrive to celebrate our mothers with a slightly variable Sunday 8 May, the real gift as mentioned will be discarded on Tuesday 10 with the heat and the sun of early summer. In the North, the weather will still be unstable with local showers also in the Po Valley due to a ‘returning from the East’, a perturbation entering from Slovenia and in an East-West retrograde motion: in summary we will have showers of rain alternating with long dry phases, with showers more probable in Piedmont and close to the reliefs. At the Center the day could offer some sunny moments, but beware of Lazio and Sardinia where scattered showers are still expected. In the South, on the other hand, the Algerian vortex will continue to rage against the lower Tyrrhenian side: persistent rains especially in Sicily. Let’s mark the date: Tuesday 10 May, the beginning of the first heat of 2022.


Saturday 7. In the North: unstable weather with clouds and showers, especially in the mountains. Center: unstable with scattered showers, less likely in Tuscany. In the South: unstable with widespread showers.

Sunday 8. In the North: unstable weather with showers and dry moments. In the Center: unstable with some showers but clear spells at large parts. In the South: even more intense rains in Sicily, some brightening in Puglia.

Monday 9. In the north: sunny, some afternoon thickening with showers, especially in the mountains. In the Center: sunny except for afternoon showers close to the hills, rains in Sardinia. In the South: residual bad weather in Sicily, variable elsewhere; gradual improvement.

Trend. Summer suddenly, from Tuesday the entrance of a robust Anticyclone with 30-33 ° C in the shade in the North then gradually expanding also in the Center-South.