Anticipations Another truth, episode of May 4th: shock discovery, very bad news

Another truth, the previews of the Wednesday 4 May episode: shock discovery, a body found on the beach, bad news.

The first episode of “Another truth”, what to say? Really crazy! Full of intrigue and mystery, the new Canale 5 miniseries clearly makes us understand how much its next episodes will be rather unmissable.

Another truth, episode of May 4th: the previews. Credits: Instagram

If the first episode of Another Truth was unmissable, rest assured that the second – the one that will air Wednesday 4th May, so to speak – it will be even more so. According to what is learned from some advances leaked on the web, in fact, it would seem that the research on the serial killer of the girls will continue, but that there will also be a shock discovery. Apparently, in fact, the body of a missing girl will be found on the beach. A very bad news, then, but one that seriously makes the protagonist think that Itsas is back. Let’s find out all the details.

Another truth of May 4th, the advances: dramatic discovery on the beach

Apparently, the second episode of Another Truth airing Wednesday 4 May will be full of twists. The main theme, of course, will always be one: to find the serial killer of little girls! In the course of the third and fourth installments, in fact, there will be new victims and new cases to solve.

According to what is learned from advances, therefore, during the third episode the corpse of the young Madeleine will be found. Pauline, despite being eight months pregnant, at this point wants to find out who is to blame for her. And she asks for the help of her father, the commissioner. In the fourth episode, however, Elaura’s parents will receive very bad news: their daughter, who recently passed away, has been found dead. What will happen?

When will the last episode air

Initially, it was rumored that Another Truth only featured two episodes. And that the season finale, therefore, would take place on May 4th. Apparently, however, it would seem that this is not the case at all. The third and final episode of the miniseries, in fact, is scheduled for May 10th. A change of planning, as you can clearly understand. And that, without a doubt, will keep everyone glued to the screen.

advances another truth May 4th
Credits: Instagram

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