Anticipations Black in the middle, fourth episode of April 25: shock discovery on Clara, unthinkable

The fourth episode of Nero in mezzo will be broadcast on Monday 25 April, what do you tell us about its previews? Discovery of shock on Clara: unthinkable.

If the season finale of its second season was shocking, no less can be said about these new episodes of Half black. On the air for a few weeks, the TV series with Claudio Amendola is continuing to entertain millions and millions of viewers.

Black in the middle of the fourth episode, the advances of April 25th. Credits: Instagram

You couldn’t help but follow the third episode of Nero in the middle, right? Well. If this airing on April 18 was unmissable, get ready for the episode of April 25 because it will be even more impressive. We are almost approaching the last episode of this third season of the TV series and the episodes that remain are really sensational, but what will happen in the fourth episode? According to what is learned from some advances leaked on the web, it would seem that we will see something unrepeatable. Ready to find out more?

Nero in the middle of April 25th, the previews of the fourth episode:

Make absolutely no plans for next week: Monday 25 April will air there fourth episode of Nero in half. And the advances they tell us that it will be a totally unmissable event. To make it so, of course, there will be the cases with which Carlo Guerrieri and his team will have to deal, but not only. Let’s find out everything in the smallest detail, you will not regret it.

During the first episode of this fourth episode of Nero in mezzo, Carlo Guerrieri will make a shocking discovery about Clara, his ex-wife who has mysteriously disappeared from the prison where she was imprisoned. In particular, the woman appears in a video where her function of her is quite clear: she carries Pugliani’s woman. Apparently, then, Clara never interrupted her tour. In this regard, the previews tell us that Trevi will find out where Pugliani will do the drug exchange. Everything seems to be ready to catch him red-handed, but something unexpected will happen. Finally, eyes also on the accomplice of Pugliani himself. He, apparently, is none other than the man who took Clara from prison, but very soon her body will be found.

black advances in the middle of the fourth episode
Credits: Instagram

Save the date: Monday will be unforgettable!