Anticipations Blanca, episode of 13 December: the unthinkable will happen to Ferrando, sensational!

The previews of Blanca’s fourth episode make us think that it will be an unmissable episode: the unthinkable will happen to Ferrando.

A third installment of Blanca with all the trimmings, tell us the truth! On the other hand, we warned you that, as well as the debut episodes, tonight’s one too would be unmissable. Hold on tight, though: the one that airs on Monday 13 December will be even more so!

Anticipations Blanca episode of 13 December. Photo source: Instagram

Exactly in a week, then, it will air there fourth and third to last episode by Blanca. But what will happen? Having ascertained that Ferrando is increasingly in ‘crisis’ due to Liguori, the superintendent will have to deal with an even more difficult case. In particular, from what we read from advances, it would appear that he will have to do with a former drug dealer, Lorenzo. But that’s not all. Apparently, it would seem that Blanca will be the protagonist of something shady. And that, without a doubt, will scare her. And not a little. Let’s find out everything together.

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Blanca of 13 September, the previews of the fourth episode: what will happen

If this third episode of Blanca you liked it and you were passionate about it, be sure that the twists will not be lacking at all in the appointments to come. In particular, it would appear that the fourth episode, which will air on Monday 13 December, it will be quite unmissable.

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First, as we said earlier, the superintendent will have to deal with a former drug dealer. We are talking about Lorenzo. The young boy, it seems, appears to be done with his past. And that now, instead, he is dedicating himself to something completely different. Will it really be like this? Who knows! The ‘surprises’, however, did not end there at all. Apparently, in fact, it would seem that Blanca’s safety will be jeopardized. In particular, from the advances we read that there will be a shady individual who will enter his house. And start spying on her. At the moment, mind you, we don’t know what will happen. One thing, however, is certain: Ferrando will experience moments of real tension!

Anticipations Blanca 13 December
Photo source: Instagram

If you are curious to know what will happen, you just have to follow the fourth episode of Blanca. The appointment is always the same: Monday 13 December starting at about 9:30 pm on Rai Uno.