Anticipations Blanca, episode of 20 December: Ferrando is in very serious danger, trouble in sight

Advances of the episode of Blanca on Monday 20 December: Ferrando continues to be in danger, troubles in sight for her.

Last two episodes of Blanca. And, we assure you, the last two episodes are really shocking. After the fourth episode aired on Monday 13 December, we assure you that the appointment that will air on the 20th will be truly impressive.

Previews of the episode of Blanca on Monday 20 December. Photo Source: Instagram

Started at the end of last November, the new TV series of Rai channels has been able to collect a truly impressive success. It may be because of the topic addressed, but also because of the extraordinary actors who took part in it, Blanca captured the attention of the Italian public in no time at all. And it has become one of the most viewed Monday night shows. By the way, what will happen in the course of the next episode, which will air on December 20th? From what we read from some advances leaked from the web, it would seem that Ferrando is still in very serious danger. But not only. Apparently, it would appear that the superintendent will be dealing with a rather peculiar case. Let’s find out everything together.

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Blanca of 20 December, the advances: trouble in sight for Ferrando

You too are looking forward to the fifth and penultimate episode of Blanca? How to blame you! Monday 20 December, as we said previously, a new appointment will be broadcast. And, from what we read from some advances, it would seem that it is rather unmissable. Let’s proceed in order, however.

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Apparently, it would seem that the case they will be dealing with will be a rather unusual case. Which, in addition to allowing the team to investigate the disappearance of a young student, will allow Liguori to take a leap into the past. In particular, it would seem that he who is implicated in the disappearance of this young girl is none other than the assistant of Livia, Liguori’s mother. And this, therefore, will allow him to retrace the salient moments of the relationship, mostly stormy, with his mother. But not only. Ferrando continues to be in danger. There is a man, in fact, who continues to spy on her. And to inquire about all the movements of Ferrando. Will the young superintendent then be in danger? Apparently, it would seem so!

Anticipations Blanca 20 December
Photo source: Instagram

What do you tell us? It is or is not an unmissable event. We can’t wait, you?