Anticipations GF Vip, episode of November 22: the moment we most awaited

GF Vip previews of Monday 22 November: finally the moment we have been waiting for has come, new competitors enter.

Make absolutely no commitments for this evening, Monday 22 November! Starting at 21:45, on Canale 5, Alfonso Signorini will be in connection with the Cinecittà studio. And it will be the backbone of a new and unmissable episode of GF Vip. Now in its twenty-first week of broadcasting, the host is preparing to be the ‘ferryman’ of something truly sensational. Ready to discover the advances? We think about it immediately.

GF Vip of 22 November, the previews of the episode. Photo source: Discovery

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A few weeks after its inception and all the twists that usually give us, the GF Vip is preparing to give his beloved and numerous audience one of the moments that most awaited from the beginning of the edition: the entrance of new competitors! The Vipponi, as said live, will keep us company until March 2022. And it is for this reason that it is essential that new gieffini enter. Some, from what we read, will be making their entrance just tonight. Others, apparently, in December.

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GF Vip, the previews of the episode of Monday 22 November: unmissable!

We couldn’t ask for anything better: tonight’s episode of GF Vip will be unmissable! Not only because, as mentioned earlier, the entry of new competitors is expected, but also because, as usual, many other things will happen. Let’s proceed, however, in order.

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At the moment, we still don’t know who the official names that will enter the house of the GF vip are. Most likely, in fact, they will be revealed later in the day. What, however, we can tell you is that, from what we read from some rumors on the web, they would be rather important names in the Italian show business. Including, Maria Monsé and Patrizia Pellegrino. Really amazing, right? But that’s not all. Obviously, new issues will be addressed during the episode. Starting, therefore, from the increasingly ‘dangerous’ proximity between Alex and Soleil – a swim in the pool over the past few days is making the web chat a lot – up to the definitive closure between Gianmaria and Sophie. “I don’t want to have anything to do with you”, the former tronista recently said to the Campania entrepreneur. Could this, then, be the right turn of the word end? Who knows! Also, we remind you that the new nominees will be discovered tonight. Therefore, not only will the public’s favorite be discovered among Gianmaria, Soleil and Carmen, but also who will go directly to the televoting and with whom.

GF Vip previews 22 November
Photo source: Video mediaset

In short, these advances have all the right conditions to make the situation clear to us. What do you think?