Anticipations The brilliant friend, first episode: twist for Elena, Lila is sick

Let’s find out the previews of the first episode of The brilliant friend broadcast on Sunday 6 February: twist for Elena, Lila is sick.

The wait is finally over! Starting from Sunday 6 February, the adventures of Elena and Lila will return in the third and, apparently, last chapter of The brilliant friend.

The brilliant friend, previews of the first episode. Photo Source: Instagram

Entitled ‘Story of those who flee and those who remain’, the third chapter of the novel ‘The brilliant friend’ written by Elena Ferrante is preparing to keep the Italian public company on Sunday evening. Just in a few hours, as we said previously, its first episode will air. And its viewers can’t wait to find out how the adventures of the two very young protagonists will evolve. We know very well that, during the second season, the two friends separated and gave rise to two completely different lifestyles: Elena, in fact, became a writer and moved away from her hometown. Lila, on the other hand, remained to live in Naples. She and she got a job at a local factory. What will happen now? Let’s find out together the previews of the first episode of L’amica Geniale.

Previews of the first episode of The brilliant friend aired on February 6th

From what we learn from some advances leaked from the web, it would seem that the third season of The brilliant friend you start with a bang. There first episode, aired on Sunday 6 February on Rai Uno, in fact, it will be full of twists. Let’s find out everything together.

As we said previously, Elena left Naples, graduated in Literature in Pisa and managed to find love in a boy from an excellent family. Everything seemed the same going for the best, the young woman was happy in this new life and the success of her first novel only increases her lightheartedness more and more. Very soon, however, Nino falls again in her life. The young man, in fact, shows up at the presentation of Elena’s book in Milan. And it is on this occasion that the girl realizes that she has not closed with the past at all. Although her relationship with Pietro goes great with her, Elena realizes that she is still in love with Nino. However, she decides to continue her romance with the young man. And to accept the invitation to go to Naples to have her family meet with Pietro. Although Elena initially believes the meeting could go wrong, her partner surprises all kinds of expectations. And everything is great. In all of this, what do we know about Lila? From the advances, we read that the young woman, having learned of Elena’s arrival in Naples, will send for her. Ed, in addition to informing her of her rather bad health conditions due to the rhythms of the factory, she will make her friend promise to take care of her son Gennaro if something should happen to her.

Anticipations The brilliant friend first episode
Photo Source: Instagram

Starting, therefore, from the twist of Elena who realizes she still loves Nino up to Lila who is sick, let’s assume that the first episode of The brilliant friend is rather unmissable. What do you think?