Anticipations The ink hour against lead, third episode: Nicastro’s shock gesture, troubles are coming

The previews of the third episode of L’ora-ink vs. lead tell us that Nicastro will make a shocking gesture: trouble is coming.

A rather intriguing fiction, the one that is airing on Canale 5 after the finale of Justice for all and which above all deals with a very topical topic: the fight against the mafia. Set in Palermo, The hour-ink versus lead tells the investigation of the editors of the newspaper “L’ora” – a newspaper that really existed in Sicily – against it.

The hour-ink against lead, the previews of the third episode. Credits: Instagram

Fasten your seat belts: Wednesday 22 June will air the third episode of L’ora-ink vs. lead. And, according to advances leaked from the web, it would seem that it is totally unmissable. Not only because Anna, wife of Antonio Nicastro, will be able to find a job, but also because the shocking gesture of the editor of the newspaper will seriously endanger himself and all his editors. We read, in fact, that for the journalists of L’ora there will be a lot of troubles coming.

The hour-ink against lead third episode, the previews: troubles are coming for the journalists

There third episode de The hour-ink versus lead which will be broadcast on Wednesday 22 June, therefore, will be a truly unmissable episode, but above all full of twists. The advances, in fact, they tell us that really anything will happen. Ready to find out more?

After asking her husband to work at her newsroom and receiving a refusal, Anna finds a job. She too is a very skilled journalist and she will be hired in the editorial staff of La voce. In the meantime, however, Giulio Rampulla makes a shocking discovery: during a medical conference, he discovers Michele Navarra and his ‘henchman’ Liggio in the company of Genco Russo, one of the most feared mafia in all of Sicily, and will decide to see clearly. What, then, is the surgeon hiding?

Nicastro’s investigation does not stop at all. And so, having learned of the discovery of Perrotta’s body in Corleone, he asks Domenico and Nic, the two very young photographers of the editorial office, to go there to take some pictures. Here, however, the unthinkable happens: the two will be in great danger, so much so that, thanks to Olivia’s help, they will be rescued. The ‘troubles’ for the editors of L’ora, however, did not end there at all. Enza, the only woman in the newspaper’s editorial office, goes to a party of prostitutes called to entertain some American mafiosi. One of them, in particular, loses his head for her, putting her in serious trouble. What will happen then? Will Enza keep her cool or will she blow her cover?

advances the third episode
Credits: Instagram

Definitely unmissable, don’t you think?