Anticipations Verissimo, episode of December 5th: you will never believe it, but today they will be there too

On Sunday 5th December a new episode of Verissimo will be broadcast, what are its previews and guests? The details.

Really unmissable yesterday’s episode of Verissimo, right? Well. Hold on tight, even today, Sunday 5th December, will be even more so. Because? Well, the motivation is more than simple: the guests expected for this episode are truly phenomenal!

Very true of December 5th, all the previews. Photo Source: Instagram

By now she has become the undisputed queen of Sunday afternoon: Silvia Toffanin! Protagonist of the entire weekend for the first time ever, the beloved TV presenter never misses an opportunity to give her audience hours full of emotions, interviews and lots of laughs. What will become of this new episode? Established that in a few hours the episode of the December 5th of Verissimo, you are curious to know hers advances? We think about it immediately. Rest assured: the guests scheduled for this episode are truly stratospheric.

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Verissimo previews of December 5th: impressive guests, all the details

This will be a Sunday full of emotions, we assure you: starting from 16:30, in fact, a new episode of Verissimo will be broadcast. And, as usual, some truly stratospheric guests are expected. Are you also ready to discover everything with us? We think about it immediately.

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Who will be the TV characters who will tell Silvia Toffanin? The advances:

  • Massimo Boldi: a few weeks after the interview with his faithful friend Christian De Sica, who among other things has let himself go to a truly incredible revelation about his working future, there will be the beloved actor to tell about himself this time. Will he also confirm what the Roman interpreter asserted a few days ago? We really hope so;
  • Peppino Di Capri: for his very first time, the Neapolitan singer-songwriter will also be in the Cologno Monzese studio. And it will tell the landlady between career and private life;
  • Ilona Staller: if we talk about characters who enter Verissimo’s studio for the first time, she is there too: the legendary Ilona. To the landlady, she will tell a dramatic episode in her life;
  • Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli: beloved couple;
  • Caterina Balivo: it would seem that this is the episode of the unpublished characters. Even the popular host will tell the landlady like never before. Are you boiling something in the pot? We’ll see!
Advances True December 5th
Photo Source: Instagram

In short, a truly unmissable episode. Do you agree?