Anticipations Verissimo, episode of November 20: the dramatic confession of the showgirl

From the previews of the episode of Verissimo on Saturday 20 November we read about the incredible drama of the Italian showgirl.

Fasten your seat belts: this episode of Verissimo which will be broadcast today, Saturday 20 November, will literally be unmissable. Full of guests, incredible stories and shocking revelations, this appointment will be quite intense and exciting.

Very true of November 20, the previews of the episode. Photo Source: Instagram

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We are totally used to seeing some unmissable episodes of Verissimo. On the air for several years now, the Saturday afternoon program is an excellent ‘excuse’ to stay at home over the weekend. On the other hand, let’s face it, the guests who take turns in the Cologno Monzese studio week after week are truly extraordinary. What will happen, however, during today’s episode? And above all, who are its guests? Some have appeared on the Instagram profile of the program advances officers. And from this we clearly understood that there will be not only many guests, but also many shocking revelations. In particular, the famous and beloved showgirl will indulge in a dramatic confession. “I risked losing my left eye”, what happened.

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Previews of the episode of Verissimo on November 20: all guests

Starting at 16:10 today, Saturday 20 November, very true will air with a new and unmissable episode. In the studio, like every week, many guests will alternate. And each of them, as usual, will indulge in completely new revelations.

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Are you ready to discover everything in detail too? We will satisfy you immediately:

  • Nicola Pisu: departure with a bang for this new episode of Verissimo. Fresh from his adventure in the house of GF Vip, the son of Patrizia Mirigliani will explain the emotions experienced within the four walls of Cinecittà. And, without a doubt, he will also talk about his feeling for Miriana Trevisan. In your opinion, will there be a future for them once the reality show is over? Who knows!;
  • Massimo Ranieri: the great Neapolitan artist will tell the landlady like never before. Between career, private life and projects, the good Ranieri will give his affectionate public some rather exciting moments;
  • Gene Gnocchi: comedian, presenter, stand-up comedian, writer and much more, the good Gnocchi will let himself go to an unpublished and 360 degree story of his life;
  • Valeria Marini: it is absolutely not the first time that the showgirl is a guest of Silvia Toffanin. This time, however, he will let himself go to a shocking revelation: “I risked losing my left eye.” A real drama, then! At the moment, however, we can’t give you a lot of other information. To find out what happened, therefore, we just have to follow today’s episode.
Verissimo previews of November 20th
Photo source: instagram

If these are the previews, we imagine that today’s episode is truly unmissable. We can’t wait, you?