Anticipations Viola as the sea, second episode: twist, how will Francesco react now?

Purple as the sea, previews of the second episode of October 7th: twist, but how will Francesco take it? We will see some good ones.

A few weeks will have passed since the last episode of Grand Hotel was broadcast, but Mediaset has already chosen to broadcast a new TV series that is preparing to conquer everyone. We are talking about Viola like the sea, the mini series starring Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman.

Previews of the second episode. Credits: Instagram

Did you also follow the first episode of Viola come il mare? If this debut appointment was totally unmissable, know that the second will be even more so. We have just read the previews of the episode of Friday 7 October and we were completely amazed to read everything that will happen between Viola and Francesco. Apparently, it would seem that the audience of Canale 5 will witness a real twist between the two. The two, in fact, will not only continue to work together, but each of them will be engaged in some ‘personal’ research.

Purple as the sea, previews of the episode of October 7: what will happen

On Friday 7 October, as we said, the second episode of Viola come il mare will be broadcast: are you curious to know what will happen? According to what is learned from some advances leaked on the web, it would seem that this is an unmissable appointment during which the very young journalist will get closer and closer to the truth about her father. And Francis, on the other hand, will ‘challenge’ the law. In short, as you can clearly understand from these ‘assumptions’, it is clear that the episode will be full of twists. In fact, it will be so! Be careful, though: even between Francesco and Viola not everything seems to be going well. No more chatter, here’s what the advances to know about the episode of Friday 7 October Purple like the sea.

Viola’s searches to find her father and tell him everything she wanted continue, but in this ‘battle’ the young journalist will be completely alone. Even if you have found a person in Francesco you can trust, her chief inspector will not be willing to help you. Unfortunately, he too did not have a very easy childhood and this led him to no longer believe in the value of love. It is precisely for this reason that – while searching for her – she arrives at a farm where she meets Raniero, her owner, who never misses an opportunity to court her. How will Francesco react? Although there has not yet been anything between the two, the feeling between them is visible to the naked eye, but how will the chief inspector take this tight court?

Meanwhile, after solving the murder of a former prostitute, Francesco continues his ‘personal’ investigation into the sale of human organs. In a shipping container, he meets Farah and, literally going against the law, takes her home with him.

advances second episode purple like the sea
Francis. Credits: Instagram

We told you there were going to be twists, right?