Anticipazioni Verissimo, episode 21 May: poignant story in the studio, from goosebumps

Previews of the episode of Verissimo on Saturday 21 May: poignant story in the studio, a truly goosebumps moment.

The countdown begins! Very little is missing from the last episode of this edition of Very true, but it would seem that Silvia Toffanin intends to surprise her audience until the last episode. Because? The reason is very simple: the missing appointments will be amazing!

Very true of May 21, the previews. Credits: Instagram

Starting from 16:30 of Saturday 21 May, Silvia Toffanin will be at the helm of a new episode of Verissimo – apparently, the penultimate of this edition. You are ready to meet hers advances? We carefully sifted through Mediaset Play and learned about all the guests who will take turns in the Cologno Monzese television studio. We assure you: we will see some good ones for sure! Never like today, in fact, there will be a lot of fun, but there will be no lack of poignant moments and thrilling stories. Let’s find out something more.

Very true, previews of May 21st: all the guests, an exciting story in the studio

There have been unmissable episodes of Verissimo in recent weeks, but like this one that will be broadcast on Saturday 21 May, never! According to what we learn from the previews, in fact, Silvia Toffanin will welcome many new TV faces, but also welcome back to many others. Are you ready to discover everything in the smallest detail?

The previews of the episode of Verissimo on May 21st they tell us that there will be in the studio:

  • The finalists of Amici cannot be missing! After hosting all the very young talents who managed to win the final phase of the program, Silvia Toffanin will host the six finalists of this twenty-first edition of the talent. Starting with Michele, winner of the dance category, up to Albe, the five talents will tell each other like never before;
  • Luigi Strangis: after the victory in Amici, the Calabrian singer cannot miss the appeal! Surely, the young man will tell about his emotions after Amici, but also his relationship with Carola. Is there any news coming? We hope so !;
  • Marcell Jacobs: recently we saw him in the company of his partner Nicole. This time, however, we will see him in the company of his splendid mother Viviana;
  • Finally, a more than touching moment: for the first time in the studio, there will be Domenico Marlo, the father of the young Michele, a former student of Amici who died a little less than a year ago. In short, it will be a really exciting time!
advances very true May 21
Credits: Instagram

This time we will not miss it, you?