Anticipazioni Verissimo, episode of December 19th: we only talk about them these days, an unmissable event

Let’s find out all the previews of the episode of Verissimo on Sunday 19 December: phenomenal guests, an appointment not to be missed!

You thought that with yesterday’s episode of very true Had Silvia Toffanin made one last shot before the Christmas holidays? You are very wrong! In fact, in a few hours, a new episode of the Sunday afternoon broadcast will be broadcast. And, as usual, today’s chosen guests are truly phenomenal.

Very true of December 19th, the previews of the episode: all the guests. Photo Source: Instagram

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Starting at 16:50 of Sunday 19th December, after the classic and last appointment of this year with Amici, Silvia Toffanin will be as usual in connection from the television studio in Cologno Monzese. And it will allow its incredible guests to take turns and talk about each other without too many mints. Yes, we know very well what you are thinking right now! Who will be the characters who will be guests in this episode? Well. As in all the other previous events, also for this reason Toffanin has thought of everything down to the smallest detail. And he organized a truly ad hoc episode for all his beloved audience. Are you ready to find out more? Rest assured, we’ll take care of telling you everything.

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Very true of December 19th, the previews: incredible guests, here they are all

As well as the one a few hours ago, even today’s episode Sunday 19 December of Verissimo will be literally unmissable. Full of guests and impressive emotions, it would seem that this is the last appointment of 2021. Silvia Toffanin, then, will return in 2022 with a year to remember.

Before being able to greet her and be able to wish her happy holidays, the hostess will be at the helm of a truly unmissable appointment. Are you ready to discover all the advances? We think about it immediately:

  • Luisa Ranieri: she has just celebrated her birthday and it is for this reason that the splendid Neapolitan actress will be in Verissimo’s studio to talk about her debut, career and private life;
  • Pio and Amedeo: they could not miss them for this pre-Christmas appointment. A few weeks after their host at Amici and ‘Uà’ with Claudio Baglioni, the Apulian comic duo will present the new film which will be released in all cinemas from January 1st;
  • Marcell Jacobs and Nicole Daza: the couple will talk about the magical moment they are experiencing. When is the wedding?
  • Delia Duran and Alex Belli: finally, a much discussed couple of recent days. After his adventure in the house of the GF Vip, the actor will tell his experience. Will the Venezuelan model be able to forgive him? We will be seeing!
Verissimo previews of December 19th
Photo Source: Instagram

In short, as usual, it will be an appointment that you absolutely cannot miss. Do you agree?