Antonella Clerici can celebrate: truly surprising news for her

The beloved presenter Antonella Clerici can celebrate: the wonderful news that concerns them is really surprising, what happened

Antonella Clerici and the news that leaves everyone, including the presenter, speechless! At the end of the summer holidays, they are now all ready to make their return and their return to the small screen. And exactly, starting from 12 September, from 11e55 to 13e30, Antonella Clerici returns to Rai 1 to keep us company with the culinary program, It’s always noon.

Antonella Clerici wonderful news (Credits: Instagram)

She has always been one of the most popular TV presenters. From the very beginning of her, Antonella Clerici has confirmed herself as one of the most loved faces of Italian television. Among other things, she is very followed on social networks, she has a community that exceeds 900 thousand followers. The successes of our ‘Antonellina’ are really many and remarkable and among these we know how important it was for her to go on the air in prime time with one of her shows aired in recent times. We are talking about The Voice Senior. With two editions, the beloved presenter has conquered the public with a talent with a completely new format compared to the classic. Today, the presenter brings home another resounding success, splendid news for Antonella Clerici.

Wonderful news for Antonella Clerici, the presenter can celebrate

Antonella Clerici is ready to make her big comeback on the small screen. There are now a few days left for the return of It is always noon, and we all can’t wait! But it was another big hit The Voice Senior. Aired with its first two editions, the talent that presented a whole new format on the small screen by hosting the audience and the jury of aspiring singers over 60 on the stage, kept the viewers glued to the screen!

antonella clerici news
Antonella Clerici, wonderful news (Credits: Instagram)

There was talk of the debut of a third edition of the very popular Talent, well this will surely be there and Antonella Clerici can’t wait to return to conducting with an evening program. However, at the moment no more is known, the times would not yet be fully mature, so in this case there will still be a bit to wait.

But while waiting for everything to start again, the Rai program schedule for the weekend sees the previous season of The Voice Senior and one great news which concerns the talent will surely make the presenter happy. With over 2 million viewers, The Voice Senior was once again one of the most popular reruns of the season. Compared to the programs / varieties offered by competing television networks, over 15% of the share recorded by the talent of Clerici meant that this won the first place in the ranking among the most viewed programs!