Antonella Clerici is furious live, the unpleasant event displaces everyone

Antonella Clerici is one of the most popular conductors, but she too can lose her temper. The latest event shocks everyone, that’s what happened.

The character of Antonella Clerici it has always been among the traits that most distinguish it, above all it is known for don’t tell them. The latest event that makes her the protagonist under everyone’s eyes reveals the background that the most loyal fans would never have thought. Especially come into play some dynamics that only a few know. In fact, the historic Rai presenter has raised a certain amount of fuss, here is what happened.

Antonella Clerici (Credits: @antoclerici)-

With some television faces we refer to the “symbol” conductors of the formats. To say Rai, or the Test of the Cookor It’s always Noon, is equivalent to affirm “There is Antonella Clerici on TV”, and the audience knows what to expect. This time he would never have expected a direct attack launched by the same presenter. Hers His anger is given by a particular event, and is during an episode of It is always Noon who lets himself go to one criticism heavy.

Antonella Clerici does not send them to say: the hard attack on TV

As a rule, in the program that has been on the air for a few years now, Antonella Clerici she talks about recipes, cooking, and many other interests, also showing a certain complicity with the VIPs who visit her. Indeed, It’s always Noon is much loved, precisely because it is possible to see at the stove, or hear about and reveal some curiosities, gods personages most loved on television and beyond.

Thus, the climate of the transmission is one of peace, serenity, but above all it is about wholesome entertainment that leaves no room for fire fights. The shock occurs precisely because an attack takes place in full live, and it is the conductor herself who launches it.

Antonella Clerici launches an attack on Rai colleagues
Antonella Clerici (Credits: @thevoice_italy)-

The words of Antonella Clerici they do not refer to cooking programs, but to the one in which he has put his body and soul: The Voice. The question is that the Rai team, distinguished by all workers including conductors, has always played a great team game. This means that the protagonists in question have supported each other, also doing promotion of the programs of colleagues of other formats but always of Rai. Thus, it is precisely here that during the episode of It is always Noon snaps at everything and everyone.

“Yes, we only do the promotion in the program, this is true. I would open a broad speech, which it is better that I close”.

The point is that this problematic he also brings it up during the press conference the launch of the new season of the program. There Clerics he doesn’t do something by chance, in fact he increases the dose like this:

“I see lots of promos on Rai, but little promotion for The Voice Senior and I mentioned it. Being an old Rai presenter, I defend my product, not to the detriment of others, mind you”.