Antonella Clerici says it openly: “I think all of Italy knows my ailments for …”

Simple and direct as always, Antonella Clerici spoke about her relationship with the public to which she even revealed some of her ailments.

She is one of the stars of TV and her career speaks for itself but, beyond the amazing curriculum, the public loves Antonella Clerici also and above all for his ability to show himself to the cameras as he really is. A quality not easy to find among show women and which has been the key to her enormous success.

Antonella Clerici speaks openly (Credits: RaiPlay)

Precisely about this he spoke in an interview granted to Republic where he did not spare some advice to the youngest who dream of a future in the world of television. On the other hand, the very blonde Rai presenter has always been a promoter of the new recruits that, in her opinion, must be facilitated in her growth: “In cinema there is turnover, less on TV. Don’t let me talk about women, I don’t want to do any wrong. Among men I see Alessandro Cattelan, he is linked to contemporaneity ”.

For the next few years, Clerici admits she dreams of a talk along the lines of the one conducted by Oprah Winfreyperhaps set right in the house in the woods, the usual scenario of his daily program It is always noon broadcast on Rai Uno. However, she feels satisfied with what she is doing in the present moment without making too many plans for the future: “I focus on doing well in what I do. I don’t want to be the richest in the cemetery. The advantage of age is that you don’t have to prove every time that you are good ”.

The beloved face Rai then analyzed the special relationship it has had with viewers for over twenty years. Let’s see what he said!

Antonella Clerici talks about her ailments without mincing words

If every time we see her on the air it seems that a dear long-time friend has come to visit us, no wonder: Antonella knows that the best way to appear on the small screen is to be as natural as possible. “I don’t think you have to transform yourself when you go on TV, you have to be yourself, make yourself known for what you are”, she explains to the well-known newspaper.

Precisely by virtue of this direct relationship with the fans, she does not feel obliged to assume forced behavior or to hide her imperfections: “I am an attractive woman with her flaws. If I’m out of shape I say it, the relationship with the public is direct “. She then adds a topic that she has also spoken about on other occasions: “I believe that all of Italy knows my problems for menopause. And we should talk more about it, there is nothing to be ashamed of “, as she also pointed out a few months ago in an interview granted to Ok Health and Wellness.

To the girls who would like to pursue his own career, he then gave tips like a true professional reminding them of how important culture is to be able to lead and also naturalness: “I was successful thanks to my imperfection. To the girls I say: be imperfect, different, indeed unique, as the wonderful Drusilla Foer says ”.

disorders Antonella Clerici
Antonella Clerici without filters (Credits: RaiPlay)

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