Antonella Clerici shows herself on social networks with her and the photo is full of likes

Antonella Clerici surprises everyone with an unexpected ‘gift’: look who is with her in this photo published on social media!

Always sunny and smiling, Antonella Clerici it continues to be very popular even in this period of absence from TV for the summer break of the schedules. The presenter of It is always noon he is on vacation with his family in his beloved Normandya French region where she usually takes refuge every year to find her position before resuming her work commitments.

Antonella Clerici unexpected surprise (Credits: RaiPlay)

A place that the blonde Rai presenter fell in love with, so much so that recently rumors had begun to circulate about her hypothetical farewell to Italy to move right there in a few years. Rumor promptly denied by Antonella herself through the Ig stories in which she clarified that it was only about fake news.

Absolutely true, on the other hand, is the relaxation that you are enjoying among those wonderful landscapes, among which in these days you met the expert of bon ton Csaba Dalla Zorza, also on vacation with her family. As told by Clerici in the post, the two went shopping together in the markets and gave fans a shot that portrays them together.

Then there is another photo that literally thrilled the followers who went wild by sending a shower of likes. In the image, Antonella is in the company of a dearest friend we all know and that we always like to see again. Guess who it is!

Antonella Clerici publishes a photo with her: it’s a riot of hearts!

The sports journalist wished her followers a happy August 15th by posting a selfie together with Carlotta Mantovanthe late wife Fabrizio Frizzi. “Like every mid-August together … I love you Carlotta. We and our growing girls ”, she wrote to accompany the image.

As everyone knows, Clerici and Frizzi were great friends and with Carlo Conti they formed a trio really loved by the public. The three famous Rai faces were truly inseparable and Frizzi’s death, which took place in March 2018, represented a truly tragic mourning for his two friends. We all remember the pain of Carlo and Antonella on the day of the memorable presenter’s funeral. To comment on the beautiful shot of the two women, therefore, the Tuscan conductor could not miss. Also present was Fabrizio’s ex-wife, Rita Dalla Chiesa. The two sent hearts to both of them.

After Frizzi’s disappearance, Clerici remained close friends with Mantovan and used to spend the holidays with her. Their respective daughters, Stella and Maelle, also know and date.

Antonella Clerici social
Antonella Clerici highly anticipated shot (Credits: Instagram)

Don’t you also find that this photo is simply wonderful?