Antonella Clerici’s house always leaves everyone speechless: here it is in all its splendor

A refuge in the woods in close contact with nature: Antonella Clerici’s house is a true oasis of peace, are you ready to discover its details?

Among the most beautiful VIP houses, that of Antonella Clerici is certainly one of the most particular: the home of the very blonde presenter of It is always noon it is in fact far from the chaos of the city, surrounded by nature.

Antonella Clerici’s house always leaves everyone speechless: here it is in all its glory (Instagram)

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The location of the house is in Piedmont, precisely ad Arquata Scrivia in the province of Alessandria. Here the beloved face of Rai 1 lives with his daughter Maelle and his partner Vittorio Garronein support of the thesis he has always maintained: “The strength of our country lies in the province”.

All in wood, surrounded by woods, with huge windows that give great brightness, looks like the fairy tale house: when it snows, especially during the Christmas period, it is an unmissable spectacle! In such a ‘magical’ place, Clerici can easily devote herself to the activities she loves most, such as trekking and horseback riding.

Antonella Clerici, your house has a truly magical atmosphere: to be dazzled!

The terrace, the garden, the swings, the patio, the wooden benches: everything seems to invite you to get away from stress and find your balance. They will surely have noticed it too Antonella’s three dogs, Argo, Simba and Pepper who, from the shots published on social networks by their ‘mother’, seem to appreciate the environment a lot.

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Antonella Clerici's house
Photo source: Instagram

The wood of the floors goes perfectly with the beige of the walls: a delight for the eyes!

Antonella Clerici's house
Photo source: Instagram

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A room dedicated to gymnastic equipment could not be missing, where the talented conductor returned from the experience of The Voice Senior likes to spend a few hours doing fitness. A full-blown gym complete with a mirror, as shown in this photo taken during a training session.

Antonella Clerici's house
Photo source: Instagram

See how wonderful? Keep following Antonella on social media who will surely surprise us with other magnificent corners of her house!