Antonella Fiordelisi infuriated Tina Cipollari to Men and Women (few remember the reason)

Antonella Fiordelisi infuriated Tina Cipollari to Men and Women (few remember the reason); what happened in Maria De Filippi’s broadcast.

She is one of the absolute protagonists of this edition of Big Brother VIP. A competitor who divides the public in half: on the one hand those who love her madly, so much as to make her favorite several times. On the other, a vast group of ‘haters’, who consider gieffina false and provocative. What is certain, however, is that Antonella Fiordelisi she is a real star of the reality show. Which is not the first TV show in which she has participated…

Antonella and Tina (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

The influencer from Salerno has appeared in various television programs, including two very famous ones, by Maria De Filippi. After the experience on Temptation Island as a temptress, Antonella landed on Men and Women and there too she caused quite a lot of discussion… In particular, Tina Cipollati he lashed out at the suitor: the reason? We remind you.

Antonella Fiordelisi to Men and Women: why Tina Cipollari attacked her

Direct, impulsive and outspoken, Antonella FiordelisI’m not really nice to everyone. In the house of GF Vip, the Salernitana has several ‘enemies’, first of all Edoardo Tavassi. The former castaway does not believe in the good faith of the roommate, who she believes is only interested in gambling and not in human relationships. Many of her think like him, from the ‘girlfriend’ Micol Incorvaia to the Venezuelan influencer Oriana Marzoli: Fiordelisi, in her house, quarreled with practically everyone. Even in the past, however, Antonella did not enjoy everyone’s trust, during another television experience in which she was the protagonist.

It was 2017 when, after having participated in Temptaion Island, Antonella Fiordelisi has landed in Men and Women, as a suitor of a beloved tronista. It’s about Matthias Marciano, the Neapolitan who subsequently left the studio with Vittoria Deganello. No happy ending between the two, but let’s go back to Antonella and why, even on that occasion, she caused discussion. In fact, before meeting in the broadcast, Antonella and Mattia they had already met: the same editorial team had read the messages that the two had exchanged. Maria De Filippi specified that nothing had ever happened between them, but the background was not liked at all Tina Cipollati, who did not hesitate to have his say. The columnist did not hide from do not look favorably on Antonella’s participation in transmission, despite the latter promising to immediately cancel the number of the then tronista.

antonella gf vip
Antonella at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

In short, even in that case Antonella’s participation did not go unnoticed at all. Just as happened on Temptation Island, when she established a particular feeling with Nicola Panico, at the time engaged to Sara Affi Fella. And you, did you remember Fiordelisi as a temptress and suitor in Queen Mary’s broadcasts?