Antonella Fiordelisi is one of the protagonists of GF Vip 7, what is her qualification?

Antonella Fiordelisi is one of the protagonists of the seventh edition of Big Brother Vip, but what is her qualification?

He entered the house a month ago Big Brother Vipand to date through the most disparate dynamics we can certainly say that Antonella Fiordelisi it is certainly one of the undisputed protagonists of this edition.

Antonella Fiordelisi: educational qualification (Credits: Instagram)

Some would define her as exuberant, someone else instead frank and sincere, but Antonella Fiordelisi in the house of GF Vip it is certainly making itself known in all its facets. A very strong character, who takes a stand and when necessary is also good at detaching herself from the group to speak out about him. She doesn’t let herself be influenced, she thinks with her head and the audience likes it. But inside the house, Antonella Fiordelisi is also at the center of some ‘amorous’ dynamic, if we want to define it that way. The vippona seems to be taken from Edoardo Donnamariawith which a passionate kiss in the garden of the house was taken, but it would seem that the hairstylist Antonino Spinalbese can still earn points with her .. How will the dynamic evolve? We’ll see.

But Antonella Fiordelisi already before entering the house of the GF Vip had met with success and a certain attention. We saw her at Temptation Island, then there was her love story that we saw her with Francesco Chiofalo. But what do we know about her private sphere? Antonella, as she herself said in the video presentation of the reality show, she is a former fencing champion. And it was this discipline that forged her character and made her very strong and confident. But what is her educational qualification instead? Let’s find out together.

Antonella Fiordelisi, what is your educational qualification

Former fencing champion, Antonella Fiordelisi is now a very popular television personality. Little by little, in the house of the GF Vip we are learning to know it more and more. However, it immediately emerged that she is a very strong personality. To date, after various television experiences, Antonella Fiordelisi is also a well-known influencer. On social media, the beautiful Salerno has a rather high following. But what is your educational qualification?

Very young, she is only 24 years old but until now she has already achieved several milestones. Among these, the degree. Antonella’s mother and father are two fundamental pillars of her life for her.

antonella fiordelisi studio
Antonella Fiordelisi, studio (Credits: Instagram)

And just like mom, Antonella graduated from degree in Political Science. In fact, under the push and encouragement of her mother, Antonella Fiordelisi completed the three-year cycle of studies. After the University she then focused on other of her, and today we see her on TV as one of the contestants of the seventh edition of GF Vip. Are you enjoying it?