Antonella Fiordelisi without makeup: how is the natural competitor

GF Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi without makeup: how is the competitor completely natural.

Antonella Fiordelisi is inside the house of Big Brother Vip. Since she entered, she has often been the center of attention, often finding herself at odds with the other competitors. She is very outspoken and whenever she has something to say to her she says it outspoken. Perhaps also for this characteristic she finds herself arguing with the others.

How is it without makeup (credits: youtube) sologossip

Even during the live broadcast in the various issues that are opened and addressed she is always there. You have established a relationship with Edoardo Donnamaria even if there are ups and downs. In the last few weeks the two seemed to have completely separated but after a few hours everything went back to the way it was before. Many have known Antonella since even before she entered her house. She is also popular on social media where she is very popular.

During the episode we usually see her prepared, with always particular clothes and with an accentuated make-up, have you ever seen her without makeup? At home he often shows himself with soap and water on his face.

GF Vip, Antonella Fiordelisi without makeup: have you seen the natural competitor?

The Big Brother VIP is having impressive success. It is very popular and viewers get carried away by what happens at home among the competitors. In recent weeks there has been talk of the fact that the covid has entered the house. In fact, some protagonists have tested positive for the virus.

They were placed in solitary confinement and when the swab, after the daily checks, gave a negative result, they were made to return home. In addition to this, the public is interested in when it happens among those present. Something unexpected happens every day, between quarrels, unresolved issues, flirting, new couples and breakups. Among the most loved couples in the house is that of the Donnalisis, this is the hashtag with which Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria are called. From the start they showed there was an interest until they got close. Between the two the relationship is quite fluctuating. Arguments often break out and sometimes they have even distanced themselves and then come back together. Surely Antonella is a competitor who stands out, in addition to being so forthright she is also a very beautiful girl. In the episode we can admire her beauty, always prepared and made up, but sometimes at home she also showed herself without make-up: have you seen her?

antonella fiordelisi natural
Here she is without makeup (credits: youtube) sologossip

In this shot taken from a moment spent in the reality show while in bed, Fiordelisi was talking to Charlie Gnocchi, who later came out in the last episode. As you can see, he has no color on his face. She would almost look as if she had just woken up. Antonella with her make-up is beautiful but she is also beautiful without her, with her face completely soap and water.