Antonella Fiordelisi’s father confesses: he has never been part of her life

He has never been part of her life: Antonella Fiordelisi’s father confesses everything

Antonella Fiordelisi is a model, as well as a competitor of Big Brother VIP 7. The girl is in the Home for a few months and is much loved by the public, so much so that it won the first televoting given by the preference of viewers.

Antonella Fiordelisi at Gf Vip (Credit Instagram)

Strong, sensitive and outspoken, Antonella also has a rich love past with various faces of celebrities. Standing in the Homean indiscretion has come out about her old relationship with one of the most coveted men on the small screen.
Here is the father Cornflowers confess everything and reveal the truth. Let’s see what it is

He has never been part of her life: Antonella Fiordelisi’s father confesses everything

Antonella Fiordelisi is located at GF VIP 7but out of the Home one says indiscretion on his account.
Photos of the model in the company of the conductor have appeared Massimo Giletti. The two walk the streets of Milan and they enter a jewelry store together.
It seems that between the two of them there is some tender.

We know that Antonella has never been very lucky in love. Let’s remember that her ex boyfriend Francesco Chiofalo It has distrustedas confessed by father of the model.
When the good Chiofalo had to enter La Pupa and Secchione sent a warning to my daughter because he didn’t want her to talk about him. Now that she is in Big Brother Vip, does he speak? I don’t know” rightly says the father of Fiordelisi.

Fiordelisi Gf Vip
Antonella Fiordelisi, the father speaks (Credit Instagram)

The gieffina did not distrust her ex-boyfriend, because she does not want to behave in the same way as her. “These things slip on her” also because Antonella has been the victim of several times bullying on social media. She has learned not to give too much weight to criticism and to always be herself.

Just after talking about Francesco, the father confesses everything about the rumors that his daughter is the protagonist of a flirt with Massimo Giletti.
Guest a Pipol housethe man denies everything. Although the photos seemed intimate and accomplices, there was nothing between her little girl and the conductor.

The two have known each other for a long time and Massimo has been seeing his entire family for years. “Those are photos from last October, it was a dinner and there was also a friend of hers” comments Antonella’s father and concludes: “It was never her flirt. Massimo Giletti is a family friend“.

The Pope of the Cornflowers confess everything once and for all. Whether it is the truth or want to defend her daughter? Massimo Giletti has not yet denied or confirmed the rumours