Antonella Ríos captivated everyone in a tight corset

Antonella Rios, the beautiful 48-year-old actress, became known by starring in the movie Los debutantes. Between 2010 and 2016, she was also the host of the Mujeres primero de La Red program. Currently, the famous woman has more than 1.2 million followers on her official Instagram account, where she is an influencer for some brands.

Recently, the 2004 video came to light in which Antonella Rios took the stage of the Viña del Mar Festival. In that edition, Molotov was one of the main bands in the line up, although Quinta Vergara definitely exploded with “Rastamandita”. The band members invited women to dance on stage.

The first one that came up was Antonella Rioswhich at that time was promoting the television series “Hippie” on Channel 13. After it, about 30 more fans appeared on stage and the show was framed as one of the best of the Viña del Mar Festival in the 21st century.

A few hours ago, the actress posted on her official Twitter account instagram a photograph where she is seen posing from the front with her hair loose, long nails and a tight corset printed with a tiger and other drawings. ‘kokoro’ was the word with which the native of Valdivia titled her publication on the camera network.

Antonella Ríos in a tight corset. Source: Instagram @antonellarios

‘Kokoro’ in Japanese can come to mean heart, mind, soul and feelings. Usually the title of the famous work with this name is translated as: heart, feeling or the heart of things. In the anime, ‘Kokoro’ is a fictional character from the anime and manga Darling in the FranXX. The post of Antonella It exceeded 16,000 likes and 150 comments.