Antonia Cristal, former Miss Chile, raises the temperature in a swimsuit

Antonia Crystal it was Miss Chile throughout 2021. Then she was replaced by the beautiful Sofía Depassier, who represents the Foreign Community. Despite this, the young Environmental Engineer continues with her queen profile photo and there is always the occasional photo session.

Also, Antonia has ventured into a new social network: Twitch, the American platform belonging to the company Amazon, Inc., which allows live broadcasts. The brunette describes herself as “Almost New ~on Twitch~. I play terrible manca, I draw beautifully, sometimes I think I’m a model, other times I’m a queen, but I have a rat soul”.

On her Instagram account, where she has more than 150,000 followers, the former Miss Chile has invited her community to follow her on Twitch: “Mmm I like arrrrrte, all kinds of art. Last night’s makeup for the third broadcast of the #aplaguetaleinnocence #makeuprevolution Tamix eyeshadow palette and Hidra Fx #SUVA green UV eyeliner by @dbs_beautystore. I love having an excuse to do different makeup, that excuse is #twitch.”

Antonia Figueroa. Source: Instagram @antonia_cristal

“My account is antoniacristal and the link is in my profile. Thanks to everyone who has followed me, let’s go chileeeee ???? reaching a thousand followers but little by little we are growing, “wrote the former beauty queen. She currently already exceeds 1,200 followers. However, the camera network is still the favorite to upload photo sessions.

Antonia Figueroa in her last photo session. Source: Instagram @antonia_cristal

In the last hours, Antonia shared a photo where she is seen wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, and is lying on a bench. “This little picture reminds me that my friend @ sh0tvi does a lot with little hahaha tkm friend. Today there is no strimmmm but tomorrow yes. Thank you for following me and subscribing to my antics on twitch, I love you” she wrote in her post.