Antonino Spinalbese reveals the nature of the relationship with Belen Rodriguez: the gieffins discover unpublished details

Antonino Spinalbese is revealing himself at 360° at GF Vip, without forgetting his past. Out of the truth between him and Belen Rodriguez.

The current edition of the Big Brother VIP hosted by the iconic editor of the most popular gossip magazine, Alfonso Signorinihas found an inexhaustible source of news with Antonino Spinalbese. The young 26-year-old Hair Stylist is undoubtedly among the most curious and interesting vipponi. In fact, he doesn’t go by a television appointment in which you are not involved, and with him also the beautiful and talented ex-girlfriend. He will be talked about and will continue to be talked about Belen Rodríguez, and right behind the last confession of the gieffino, gods jump out background which the other Vipponi and the public at home were unaware of.

Antonino Spinalbese reveals relationship with Belen Rodriguez (Credits: @antonspin_) –

What could be leaked from the discussion between Antonino Spinalbese and his friends inside the house? Geneva Lamborghini is it a memory now? The hair stylist is combining everything inside the most spied on villa in Italy, but in a unique way. She’s not the type to make a lot of noise with words, in fact she does rarely statementsbut when he does, they leave their mark just like the last one! Here she is truth about his relationship with Belen Rodríguez.

Antonino Spinalbese confesses unpublished backgrounds

Inside the Big Brother VIP 7 there is a stratospheric cast. Starting with the choice to include young people from the world of social media, up to filming characters who have given their all in the world of television. Among them, there is also Antonino Spinalbese which hasn’t made much of TV, but which is leaving its mark in a persistent way. He entered to make himself better known, e not as “Belen Rodriguez’s ex”.

This title it will never be completely forgotten, because on the other hand it is always part of its past, but it will also be part of its present and future. She is the mother of the eldest daughter Luna Mariand it is here and in reference to her that the confession.

Spinalbese Belen
The relationship between Spinalbese and Belen – Sologossip

There truth pops out during a garden chat with Wilma Goich, Giaele DeDonà and Daniele Dal Moro. It was said that Belen did not let him see the little one, but it is a lie, denied by both. Antonino confesses that they stayed in excellent relationships, as much as he can see Luna Mari when he wants. Here are his words:


From this statement it follows that freedom of relationship, then goes on to tell a unreleased episode, that no one would have ever imagined.


Finally, he concludes by explaining how he has changed, revealing gods details about his person.