Antonino Spinalbese, the confession is moving: what he said will make you cry

Antonino Spinalbese’s words moved the Italians. Here’s what the twenty-seven-year-old photographer from La Spezia said: he prepares the handkerchiefs

Antonino Spinalbese is known to the public as the ex-boyfriend of Belen Rodríguez. The two lived an intense love relationship between 2020 and 2021, before the Argentine showgirl returned to live again with Stephen DeMartino. The photographer from La Spezia is currently busy from a professional point of view with the participation in the Big Brother VIP. During this edition he was often one of the most loved characters by the public.

Antonino Spinalbese (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The hair stylist released some statements to the weekly Who and the Christmas was one of the topics touched upon. Instead of talking about the last Christmas lived in the company of his ex-partner, with whom he had a daughter, the little one Luna Mari, Antonino Spinalbese he preferred to dive into the past, recalling a very important moment linked to the Christmas holidays.

This memory has moved many readers, probably because he is linked to his family of origin and many people have identified themselves by reading his words. For him it was Christmas more beautiful than the last twenty-seven years, the reasons are particularly personal and its opening made even the hearts of those who usually manage to stay colder tremble. Here’s what he said Antonino Spinalbese to Who and who has addressed a thought for the Christmas.

Antonino Spinalbese and his most beautiful Christmas: “Everything was perfect”

Antonino Spinalbese took a dive into the past speaking to the weekly Who. The hands of his memories stopped at a Christmas of a few years ago, when for him “everything was perfect”. He pronounced this sentence commenting on the mum in the kitchen preparing spaghetti with scampi, accompanied by several kilos of desserts that occupied the whole table.

Antonino Spinalbese and his father (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

A very moving memory, linked to the Christmas holidays of 2004, when the photographer was just 9 years old and his father was still alive: “Dad used to put us on the sofa to sing as if we were at a concert”said the contestant of the program hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Then Antoninus he continued with his story: “I was nine years old and I decided to give him my first gift. I bought my father the album Buoni o Cattivi by Vasco Rossi”. Those songs soon became the soundtrack to that Christmas of 2004.

The father of Antonino Spinalbese decided to take his own life when the former photographer was just eighteen years old. The competitor of Big Brother VIP he revealed that he had had a strong argument with his father a few days before the tragic event and that he hadn’t had the time to clarify the misunderstanding. It is evident that the twenty-seven year old from La Spezia still carries the memory of his father in his heart and that he is still shaken by not having been able to make peace with his father before his death. Almost ten years later, his father’s death is still a shock and probably will be for the rest of his life.